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Funny, but could be harmful for kids
vv2-218 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Indeed it's a very fun cartoon to watch, the actors made the cartoon characters come to life and there were many memorable moments. However, there are some moments in the film that adults may not notice but which may be somewhat harmful to a young viewer. To make a long story short, it shows kids a role model, a role model doing something bad. There are several scenes where a kid starts crying for petty reasons (such as not getting a dog on his birthday) and many parts where the kid is sitting on a window sill or walking on the roof (which may lead a young viewer to believe that these activities are safe). Anyway, if you're old enough to be able to see what's good and what's bad, it's definitely a fun film to watch. If you're young and take everything in, I recommend against it.
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Russia meets Sweden
Horst_In_Translation15 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
"Junior and Karlson" is a Soviet animated short film from soon 50 years ago. It was directed by Boris Stepantsev and written by Boris Larin based on a children's story by famous Swedish author Astrid Lindgren. Here where I live it is called "Karlsson vom Dach". Anyway, this is about a little boy, who is very unhappy that he won't get a dog from his parents as a gift. Instead, he has an imaginary(?) friend for the entire movie, with whom he causes lots of chaos, but also flies around the city. The ending was nice and somehow happy and sad at the same time, but everything before was just not great in my opinion. Neither convincing in terms of drama, nor in terms of comedy. Something in-between and for me the greatest problem maybe was that I did not find Karlson interesting or likable at all. Not recommended. If you still want to watch it, make sure you get a good set of English subtitles, unless you speak Russian.
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