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The new house
RaspberryLucozade12 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The lads move into their new house after their previous one was flattened by a crashing jet the week before.

Things are a nightmare from the start. Vyvyan and Rick fight over who shall have a particular bedroom, which culminates in Vyvyan setting fire to the bed. Eventually, they settle their difference and decide that it shall be Neil's room, much to his consternation.

Later, Vyvyan claims he has found oil in the cellar ( a discovery he apparently made after breaking the floorboards, simply because he was bored ). Thinking they soon could become very rich, they endeavour to dig for oil...

'Oil' is not quite as good as the first episode but it is still hilarious all the same and, compared to the episode that would follow, the ideally named 'Boring', looks like a masterpiece. Mike's meeting Buddy Holly ( played by Ronnie Golden ) hanging upside down from his ( Mike's ) bedroom ceiling, entangled in the remains of a parachute was a dig at the event known as 'The Day The Music Died' in which Buddy Holly and his band were killed in a fatal plane crash.

Robbie Coltrane has a short role here as an over-zealous bouncer who manhandles Rick from his own bedroom as Mike is letting it out as a roller disco. Alexei Sayle appears here as 'Sputnik Balowski', the nephew of the boys' landlord Jerzei ( Alexei would always be credited, in the first series anyway, as 'the Balowski family' ), who with band Radical Posture, sings 'Dr. Marten's Boots'.

Of course, the lads haven't discovered oil but then you don't need to be a genius to have worked that one out!

Funniest moment - Mike is practising golf on the top landing however he hits the ball too hard and it crashes through the window and into the outside toilet where Neil is sitting. Neil duly throws the ball back at Mike's request but what he throws back is not a golf ball, as Rick finds out when he catches it in his hands!
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Not the best episode of the Young Ones.
general-melchett5 December 2006
My second watch of this episode actually made me realise it was rather weak - "Boring" is much better. The Young Ones is meant to be riotous and rowdy - this one actually starts to drone on a bit - the talking peas in a later scene in the episode should really have stuck with the first line. But the benefit concert in the front room was pretty funny and enjoyable - how many people these days would sing about Doctor Martin's boots? There are some funny gags and it never tries to be realistic - what with striking oil in the basement - but really, this episode of The Young Ones could have been so much funnier. Inanimate objects talking has been done far better in later episodes. On the whole - it is worthy to be called The Young Ones, but not quite a riotous laugh of a viewing. 6/10
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