"The Young Ones" Bambi (TV Episode 1984) Poster

(TV Series)


Griff Rhys Jones: Bambi



  • Bambi : And what is the chemical equation...

    Miss Money-Sterling : [presses her buzzer]  I've got a Porsche!

    Bambi : Yes, well, that's not exactly what I've got written on the card but I knew your father so Footlights lead by 25 to none.

    Miss Money-Sterling : Daddy sends hugs.

  • Bambi : He represented the modal cathartic slipwit of the...


    Bambi : Footlights, Monty.

    Lord Monty : Wasn't it... Monk D'Wally de Honk?

    Bambi : Can you give me any more?

    Lord Monty : Certainly. Will £50 do?

    Bambi : Absolutely. Spot on.

  • Bambi : Who is the richest man in the world?

    Lord Monty : It's me, isn't it?

    Bambi : No, I'm afraid your father's multinational company crashed this morning.

  • Bambi : Hello and welcome to another edition of University Challenge. This week, the teams represent Footlights College, Oxbridge.

    Footlights Supporters : Rah! Rah! Rah! We're going to smash the oiks!

    Bambi : Yes, that's the spirit. And, Scumbag College.

    SPG : Ooh, aye! Up Scumbag! Up Scumbag!

    [the Footlights supporters boo. SPG the hamster moves up to a teddy bear held by one of the Footlights supporters] 

    SPG : See you, teddy bear! C'mere!

    [he headbutts the teddy] 

  • Bambi : And a bonus question for five points... Who has been tampering with my question cards?

    Rick : It was me! It was me!

    [loud booing from the audience] 

    Rick : No! No! No!

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