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  • When the Olympians gods discover that Livia is Eve, they again fear the Twilight prophecy. Athena sends the Furies to a special mission: they must turn Gabrielle mad until she kills Eve. However, when Eve is initiated in the Way of Love, Xena is given the power to kill gods.


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    Eve (Adrienne Wilkinson) walks through the desert under the hot sun. She has no shoes and is covered in sand from the blowing wind. Xena (Lucy Lawless) stands on a hill, watching Eve. Eve falls to her knees. She picks up some sand and lets the wind blow it into her. She cries out. Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor) joins Xena. She isn't sure she wants to help Eve because she killed Joxer. Xena tells Gabrielle she understands if Gabrielle can't help, but Gabrielle replies, "Let's save your daughter."

    On Mount Olympus, the gods are arguing over what do to about Eve. Athena (Paris Jefferson) calls in the furies. Aphrodite (Alexandria Tydings) asks if the gods can leave Gabrielle out of it. Athena says she shouldn't watch then.

    Xena and Gabrielle look out at Eve in the desert. Xena throws her chakram. It flies down to Eve and splits in two, cutting two spears in half before they hits Eve. An army of villagers comes from over another hill and attack Eve. Xena and Gabrielle run into battle, but Eve does nothing to save herself. Eve is lassoed and dragged behind a horse. Xena takes out the horseman and frees Eve. She moves to her daughter and holds her as Gabrielle rides up. Eve tells Xena that she should have let the villagers kill her. Gabrielle brings Eve some water. The furies appear and whisper into Gabrielle's mind that Eve will break Xena's heart and that Eve must die.


    The furies continue to speak to Gabrielle, reminding her that Eve killed Joxer. They go into her head. A shepard arrives, surprised to discover Xena, who the followers of Eli call the Defender of the Faith. She invites them to take shelter in her home.

    In the shepard's tent, the followers of Eli ask Gabrielle questions about him. Gabrielle tells them that Eli believed everything could be saved by love. Eve begins to cry, saying that she cant be saved with all she's done. Eve begins to list off some of the things she's done, including killing Joxer. The furies use this to egg on Gabrielle. Xena asks about the baptist, who initiates sinners into Elis way of love with a ceremony. The shepard tells them where to find him.

    Xena, Gabrielle and Eve arrive at the ocean and find the baptist. Eve is baptized. A messenger from Michael comes down and speaks to Xena. Eve joins Xena and hugs her. Again the furies begin to speak to Gabrielle, telling her that Eve will only bring Xena pain. Poseidon rises from the ocean. Xena shoves Eve behind her. The people run off. Gabrielle moves to Xena's side. Xena turns with the others to run off, but Discord (Meighan Desmond), Demios (Joel Tobeck), Hephaestus (Julian Garner), Hades (Stephen Lovatt) and Artemis (Josephine Davison) appear before them. Xena draws her sword. Demios and Hades attack with bolts. Xena and the others duck and Xena uses her sword to knock the bolts around. Xena knocks one of Hades' bolts into Poseidon and he dies, screaming.

    On Mount Olympus, Ares (Kevin Smith) looks around as the palace shakes.

    Back on the beach, Discord yells and runs at Xena, screaming. Xena cuts Discord's head off.

    Ares and Athena look around as the palace on Olympus shakes.

    On the beach, Hephaestus throws his hammer, but Xena throws her chakram and knocks it back. Xena drops her weapons and summersaults. She grabs Hephaestus' hammer and throws it into his chest. He dies.

    On Mount Olympus, Aphrodite grabs her chest and sits. The palace shakes. Athena disappears.

    On the beach, Demios looks at Hephaestus. Demios and Hades look at Xena. Athena and Ares appear and Athena says, "So, you can kill gods."


    Xena warns the gods not to follow them. She takes Hephaestus' chains as they leave. Athena yells at the gods for attacking, for not waiting for her plan with the furies. Ares offers to distract Xena.

    Xena, Gabrielle and Eve walk along. Gabrielle asks how Xena can kill gods and Xena tells them about the messenger that came to her and that Eves cleansing gave Xena the power because Eve is the messenger of Eli. Xena also adds that shell have the power to kill gods as long as Eve is alive. Eve is confused by the change the baptizing brought her and asks how she should begin her new journey. Xena replies that she needs to face someone she's wronged.

    The women arrive at Joxer's place. Virgil (William Gregory Lee) attacks Eve, but Xena stops him. Eve says she would give her life if it would bring Joxer back. Virgil tells Eve what a kind soul Joxer was and then walks off. Gabrielle offers Virgil some comfort before he heads off to join the rest of his family.

    Inside the tavern. Eve holds Gabrielle's scrolls, excited to read about Xenas past. Xena sees Ares outside and runs out to meet him. Gabrielle sees a shadow at the back of the tavern. She draws her sais.

    Xena steps outside, sword and chakram drawn, looking for Ares.

    Inside the tavern, the ghost of Joxer (Ted Raimi) appears. Gabrielle tells him she missed him, to which he replies, "Then you shouldn't 'a let Eve kill me." The furies appear as Gabrielle tries to explain to Joxer that she didn't let it happen. Joxer tells her to kill Eve. Hope (Renee O'Connor) appears. Hope plays on Gabrielle's guilt over killing her, saying that Xena is making the same mistake Gabrielle did when she originally let Hope live.

    Outside, Xena holds her sword on Ares.

    Inside the tavern, the furies and Hope walk with Gabrielle over to Eve. Eve sits at a table, reading. The furies whisper in Gabrielle's ear while Hope tells Gabrielle that Xena won't be able to kill Eve, so she has to.

    Outside, Ares once more confesses his love for Xena.

    Hope continues to encourage Gabrielle to kill Eve. Gabrielle draws a sai. Eve is unaware of Gabrielle and continues to read. Gabrielle holds her sai over her head.

    Hope moves to the other side of the table. Eve can't see the Furies or Hope and she's unaware that Gabrielle is behind her. She continues to read one of the scrolls. Gabrielle holds her sai over her head and Hope yells at her to kill Eve.

    Xena turns from Ares and runs back into the tavern.

    Xena runs into the tavern. Gabrielle stabs Eve. Xena throws her chakram and it cuts Gabrielle's head. Xena catches the chakram, which is now covered in Gabrielle's blood. Gabrielle falls to the ground, blood pouring from her head. The furies leave Gabrielle and the tavern.

    Outside, Ares disappears.

    Xena looks about and knows the furies were responsible.


    Xena washes the blood from Gabrielle's head and then tends to Eve's stab wound.

    On Mount Olympus Athena is upset with Ares that he was unable to distract Xena long enough for Gabrielle to kill Eve. Athena says that they have no choice now they have to attack.

    The gods appear in the tavern and battle Xena. Aphrodite appears next to Gabrielle saying she wants to help. Xena gives her a warning look, then let's Aphrodite disappear with Gabrielle, taking her into another room so she's safe from the fight. Xena continues to fight the gods, while also trying to get Eve out of the tavern which is on fire. Xena kills Hades and she and Eve escape into the room where Aphrodite took Gabrielle. Xena yells for Aphrodite to take care of Eve, who collapses against some stairs. Xena returns to face the gods. Xena is wounded in the battle but Artemis.

    In the other room, Ares appears and moves in on Eve. Aphrodite makes no move to interfere, she just stays with Gabrielle. Ares draws his sword and moves in to kill Eve.

    Xena kills Demios. Athena and Artemis disappear. Xena enters the room with the others and throws her chakram, which both disarms and wounds Ares. He disappears.

    Xena drags Gabrielle out of the tavern and supports Eve out as well. Xena tells them that shes not letting either of them go. Aphrodite appears and Xena begs her to take her to Olympus to face the gods. Aphrodite agrees when Xena tells her that Gabrielle doesn't have much time.


    Aphrodite, Xena, Gabrielle and Eve appear in the gods' palace. Aphrodite says good-bye to Gabrielle and then disappears. Eve calls Xena Mother for the first time and they share a moment before Ares interrupts. Xena shoots Ares in the leg with an arrow and ties him up with the chains of Hephaestus. They move into the main hall.

    Athena is seated on her throne when the others enter. Artemis fires at Xena, but Xena catches her arrows and then throws them back, killing Artemis. Athena and Xena battle. Gabrielle is still unconscious and Eve soon passes out beside her. Ares crawls over and lays his hands on them as Xena and Athena fight. Xena stabs Athena, but she's unharmed Eve is dead. Athena and Xena continue to fight. Xena stabs her again, and this time she has given her a mortal wound. Athena looks over at Ares and the now alive Eve and Gabrielle and asks how, and he tells her that he gave up his immortality to save Eve and Gabrielle because he loves Xena. Athena dies. Xena moves to Eve and Gabrielle, hugging them both. She thanks Ares.

    At the base of Mount Olympus Xena joins Eve and Gabrielle. Eve starts to offer an apology to Gabrielle over Joxer, but Gabrielle stops her with Joxer's at peace, forgiving her. Eve moves off and Xena puts her arm around Gabrielle. Gabrielle says, "Looks like you got your daughter back" and Xena replies, "No, we got our daughter back."

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