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  • Xena and Gabrielle awaken in the ice tomb where Ares put their bodies when he thought were dead. They find out that those events happened 25 years before and Eve has grown up as a Roman, Livia, who is now a bloodthirsty warrior who is trying to eliminate Eli's cult.


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    Romans are fighting villagers. Livia (Adrienne Wilkinson) rides in and flips off her horse with a yell. She wears a gold helmet and slaughters the villagers. She takes off her helmet and continues fighting. Ares (Kevin Smith) appears and congratulates her. Ares tells her she's been named the emperor of Rome's successor, as they planned and Livia comments that she will continue to kill the followers of Eli on behalf of Ares. They kiss.

    On Mount Etna, there is an avalanche.

    A hole is made in the cave Xena (Lucy Lawless) and Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor) are in and the sun shines on Xena's ice coffin. It starts to melt and Xena stirs. She awakens and breaks off the lid of the coffin. She sits up and moans. She looks over at Gabrielle.

    Xena is at Gabrielle's coffin. She brushes aside some ice bits. She looks to see her sword stuck in the ice.

    Xena lifts the sword over her head with great effort and brings it down on Gabrielle's coffin, breaking the lid two. Xena removes it from Gabrielle and cradles Gabrielle in her arms. Gabrielle wakes up. They are both breathing heavy and having trouble talking. Gabrielle asks where they are. Xena doesn't answer her question; she instead asks where Eve is. They are both confused. Xena takes her chakram and yells as she throws it at the hole that was made by the avalanche. Ice falls.

    Xena and Gabrielle enter a village they don't recognize. A villager informs them that they are at the foot of Mount Etna. Xena starts to yell for Ares to show himself. The villager informs them that Ares hasnt been seen since Xena died 25 years ago. Xena and Gabrielle are shocked.


    Xena insists that they need to get to Rome to find Octavius, hoping he will know where Eve is. Xena asks the villager if she knows where they can find Octavius, commenting that he could be a general or a commander. The villager replies that the commander of Rome is Livia, who slaughters the followers of Eli. Gabrielle is surprised people are still following Eli, which prompts the villager to comment that they aren't from around the area. Xena and Gabrielle leave.

    Xena and Gabrielle step before a tavern with large sais and a chakram on the roof.

    Inside, the tavern, which is a restaurant, is filled with Xena and Gabrielle stuff. Action figures, paintings, weapons, scrolls, etc. Xena and Gabrielle look to see Meg (Lucy Lawless), who is wrinkled with age. Meg is serving customers. Meg turns and sees Xena and Gabrielle. She walks over to them and comments that Gabrielle kind of looks like Gabrielle, except shes too butch. Joxer (Ted Raimi), also an old man, enters and argues with Meg. Gabrielle calls out to Joxer, who drops the burger and Meg throws up her hands. Joxer walks over and hugs them.

    Later. The three are sitting down. Xena is insistent they need to find Eve. Joxer tells them he searched for them for years, until Argo died. Xena is sad to hear about Argo's death and comments that there will never be another like her. Joxer leads the women out; he has something to show them.

    Outside, Argo the Second, Argo's daughter, is in a pen. Argo the Second looks just like Argo, except she has a white mark down the front of her face. Joxer informs them that he never lets anyone ride her. Xena saddles Argo and takes her for a test drive. She's impressed. Virgil (William Gregory Lee), Joxer's son steps out of the barn. Joxer motions for him to join them and introduces Virgil to Xena and Gabrielle. Joxer mentions Octavius and Xena asks if he has Eve. Joxer confirms that he had Eve, but that he left with her when Ares took Xena and Gabrielle's bodies. Joxer informs them that Octavius is in Rome and says that he and Virgil will go with them.

    Rome. Xena and Gabrielle walk along. Xena asks Gabrielle to stable the horses while she goes to the victory march. Gabrielle comments how degrading they are, but Xena knows anyone who is anyone will be there, so Octavius should be.

    Roman soldiers march in. Xena watches from the crowd. Xena looks up to the Emperor's booth to see an older Octavius, who is now Augustus Caesar (Colin Moy).

    Xena enters the booth. Augustus turns in surprise to see Xena. Xena asks where Eve is and Augustus looks down at Livia. Xena looks at Livia in horror.


    Livia is before the booth. Xena cannot be seen by the crowd. Augustus thanks Livia for her work as the commander of Rome. Augustus waves and closes the curtain at Xena's order. Livia looks about, knowing something is up.

    In the booth, Xena is angry with Augustus and asks what hes done to her daughter. He tells Xena that he gave her every advantage, that she had the best tutors and training. Xena calls her a monster, commenting on the slaves she brought in. Augustus says she's the greatest warrior in Rome and that they are going to be married. Xena grabs him by the throat and tells him that no daughter of her's will marry Rome. Augustus replies that Livia doesn't know she's Xenas daughter. Xena plans to tell Livia, but Augustus informs her that the gods have left her alone as Livia, and that Xena won't be able to fool them again. He begs her to think of Eve. Xena let's him go and turns her back to him.

    At night, Xena looks out a window from Joxer's tavern. Gabrielle joins her. Xena is upset about having lost Eve. Gabrielle replies that at least she's alive and theres a chance to be in her life. Xena is worried about Livia's dark side as she has Xena's darkness and Callisto's spirit. Gabrielle says they will help Livia and encourages Xena to go and talk to Livia. Gabrielle wipes away a tear from Xena's face.

    Xena, Gabrielle, Joxer and Virgil walk along in Rome and arrive at Virgils shop. Xena leaves them to go talk with Livia. A group of Roman soldiers arrive and demand offerings for Livia's new temple to Ares. Gabrielle, Virgil and Joxer refuse to offer up any donations. Joxer insults the Roman and he grabs the old man. Gabrielle and Virgil fight the soldiers. The Roman Captain grabs Joxer and holds a knife on him. Gabrielle and Virgil stop fighting and are arrested.

    In the arena, Ares and Livia fight. They stop and kiss. Xena enters and sees Ares kissing Livia.


    Ares hears a whooshing sound and stops kissing Livia. He moves back just in time to be missed by the chakram. Ares turns to see Xena standing in the arena as she catches the chakram. She draws her sword and looks really pissed. Ares is shocked. Livia is angry by the look on Ares' face. Ares moves to Xena and she stabs him, but it doesn't hurt him. He moves in to kiss her, but Xena head butts him. Livia holds her sword on Xena, but Ares pushes her arm away, telling her to calm down. Ares tells her he needed to kiss Xena to make sure it was her. Livia isn't impressed with that explination. Ares says that if Xena is alive, then Eve is, but Xena retorts that Eve is dead. Xena knocks Livia's sword aside. She flips up to the seats, ululating. She leaves from the door she came in by. Livia moves to follow but Ares holds her back, knowing Xena will lead them to Eve if Eve is alive.

    Gabrielle, Virgil and Joxer are in a prison. All the prisoners are followers of Eli. Livia enters and tells the followers to choose a champion to fight her in the arena. If the champions beats Livia, she'll let them go, but if Livia wins they all die. Gabrielle confronts her telling her thats slaughter. Livia looks at Virgil and suggests the followers choose him as their champion, then leaves.

    Augustus is looking out a window and Xena enters. Augustus tells Xena he loves Livia, and Xena informs him Livia loves Ares. She then tells Augustus that shell be at the bacchanalia in order to get Livia to see what Ares is really like. She orders Augustus to get Livia close enough to hear once Xena catches up with Ares.

    At the bacchanalia, Xena enters, dressed as a servant. Xena looks at Augustus and he moves to Livia, who is talking with several other people. Xena moves to Ares. Livia is listening in. Xena gets Ares to say that Livia is nothing to him, that he only loves Xena and then they kiss. Augustus gets angry with Livia when he hears that shes been with Ares and informs her that he will no longer be leaving the empire to her.


    Xena walks through a hall and Ares appears. Ares has figured out that Livia is Eve. Ares threatens to tell the other gods unless Xena agrees to have a child with him, then leaves.

    In the prison, Virgil is writing on scroll and Gabrielle joins him. Virgil tries to hide the scroll, saying that Joxer doesn't approve of his poems because it's not heroic. Joxer joins them and calls Virgil a hero for willing to fight Livia to save everyone. Virgil says it's nothing compared to the heroic things Joxer has done. Joxer starts to tell Virgil that the stories aren't true, when Gabrielle interrupts him and says that Joxer's stories of his acts are inspiring.

    Livia is having a fit, trashing a room when Xena enters. Livia draws her sword. Xena throws her chakram and knocks the sword from Livia's hand. Xena tells Livia she came to talk and Livia throws a dagger at her, but Xena catches it. Xena tells Livia that she's her daughter. Livia is too angry to listen and challenges Xena in the arena before leaving.

    In the arena, Livia enters on horseback. Augustus announces the match between Livia and Xena, who is the champion for the followers of Xena. Xena enters from the other side and Livia attacks her. Xena keeps trying to reach Livia while they fight, but Livia continues to come at her. They continue to fight. Livia catches Xena in a net and drags her behind her horse. Xena gets out of the net, flips onto the horse, grabs Livia and flips them both off the horse. They fight hand to hand until Xena kicks Livia's sword out of her hand and then kicks Livia's legs out from under her. Xena puts the Pinch on Livia. Xena tells Livia that she loves her and Livia asks Xena to let her die. Xena undoes the Pinch and Virgil shouts that the champion of the followers choose mercy. The followers of Eli are released. Livia gets to her feet and tells Xena, "I'll make you wish I'd never been born." Livia runs off as the cheering followers of Eli surround Xena. Xena tells Gabrielle that they have to save Livia from herself and the gods.

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