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  • Livia refuses to accept she's Eve, the daughter of Xena, and keeps killing the followers of Eli even in a more cruel way to please Ares and become the Empress of Rome.


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    Xena (Lucy Lawless), Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor), Joxer (Ted Raimi) and Virgil (William Gregory Lee) walk along. The others try to reassure Xena, who is worried that it might not be possible to reach Livia (Adrienne Wilkinson).

    Livia holds up a bloody sword. Her soldiers are slaughtering villagers. Villagers are thrown to their knees before Livia. Livia's commander joins her and informs her that they can't find a temple to Eli in the village, but she doesn't care. One of the villagers tells her that they aren't afraid of her because they had lived through Callisto's raids. Livia cuts off his head.

    Later. The village is smoking and everyone lies dead, covering in blood. Xena, Gabrielle, Joxer and Virgil enter. Half of the villagers are crucified. Xena walks to the crucified bodies, horrified.


    In the village, Xena, Gabrielle, Joxer and Virgil look about at Livia's victims. Virgil looks at the crucified villagers, recognizing his friends. Xena orders that the crucified villagers be cut down. Gabrielle tries to comfort Xena, but Xena pulls away. A survivor, a woman, kneeling and crying over her husband spits in Xenas face. She demands Xena tell her why Livia killed her family as Livia would only answer with "Ask my mother." Xena walks away from the others and Ares (Kevin Smith) appears. Ares tries again to get Xena to agree to have a child with him. If she does, he will make sure the other Olympians never find out about Livia being Eve. Xena rejects him, which send him into a rage, threatening to bring Olympus down on Livias head. Xena rejects him again and moves off. Ares disappears.

    Livia's camp. Ares appears and she attacks him, but Ares catches her sword. Livia wants nothing to do with him, until Ares offers her a chance to get even that things can go back to the way they were before Xena showed up.

    Xena, Gabrielle, Joxer and Virgil walk along, tracking Livia's army. Gabrielle again tries to comfort Xena that she'll be able to reach Livia.

    Livia's army attacks another village. Soldiers put villagers on crosses. Livia's commander raises a hammer, when Xena's chakram hit it and breaks it. Xena, Gabrielle and Virgil Livia's army. Joxer watches as he's too old to join in. Livia calls out to Xena - she's got a dagger at Joxer's throat. Livia moves to kill Joxer, but Xena throws a handful of nails at Livia. Livia blocks them all with her dagger. Joxer escapes. Livia throws her dagger at Xena, but Xena catches it. Livia and Xena fight. Ares appears and watches. Livia gets Xena to the ground, knife at her throat. Xena tells Livia to listen to her heart. Livia punches Xena, but she seems unable to force the blade down. A villager grabs Livia and holds a dagger on her. Xena kicks Livia back and a villager gets a dagger on Livia. Xena saves Livia with her chakram. Livia leaves with her army and the villager yells at Xena that any blood Livia spills from now on is on her.


    Livia breaks pots and throws things in her tent. She turns over the table. Ares appears. Livia doesn't understand why Xena saved her. Ares tells her that its because Xena is trying to get her to believe in love and mercy. Livia seems to be debating giving Xena a chance, but Ares plays on her desires to be empress of Rome and her anger over Xena's abandoning of her.

    A camp at night. Xena and the others conclude that Livia is heading towards the temple to Eli in Austia as it's the largest temple and that the followers are headed there to pray for a miracle to save them from Livia. Gabrielle tells Xena that she was reaching Livia, but Xena says that chances have run out. Gabrielle asks Xena if she could kill her own daughter and Xena says she could if she had to.

    Virgil joins Joxer. Joxer tells Virgil the truth about his past that he was never a great warrior; that everything he said he did were actually things Xena did. Virgil replies that it sounds like he had a lot of great adventures.

    Xena leaves the others for Austia.

    Back in the camp, Gabrielle wakes Virgil to inform him she has something to do, but that Virgil and Joxer should continue to Austia. Gabrielle won't say where she's going, only that she's going to try to keep Xena from doing something that she'd never forgive herself for.

    Livia is waiting in her tent when Gabrielle is brought in. Gabrielle tries to reach Livia, but Livia won't listen. Gabrielle tells her Xena will not fight her. Livia draws a dagger and says, "Maybe, she hasn't been properly motivated."

    Joxer packs up, mad that Virgil let Gabrielle go off alone. Joxer tells Virgil to go get Xena and then leaves.

    Joxer arrives at Livia's camp and watches. Livia exits her tent. Gabrielle is led behind her by two soldiers. Livia orders Gabrielle be tied up.

    Xena and Virgil ride.

    Gabrielle is tied up. Joxer knocks out one of Livia's soldiers and drags him into the bushes.

    Livia stands before Gabrielle and raises her sword. Joxer makes himself a distraction as Xena and Virgil ride in. Livia is glad to see Xena, wanting to kill Gabrielle in front of her. Xena and Virgil fight Livia's army. Livia raises her sword again to kill Gabrielle. Xena gets ready to throw her chakram, but Joxer stands up in her way and runs at Livia. Livia turns and stabs Joxer in the stomach. Livia rides off with her army. Xena and Virgil move to Joxer's side. Xena can't do anything for him except take away his pain with a pressure point. Joxer takes Virgil's hand and Xena cuts Gabrielle free. They gather around Joxer, who dies.

    Later. Joxer's body is hidden in a hollow tree. Virgil says he will bring Joxer home when he's dealt with Livia. Xena tries to encourage him to leave now, but he refuses.


    Virgil cries and hits a tree. Gabrielle joins him, trying to offer him some comfort. Virgil can only think about revenge.

    Xena is sitting with Joxer's body when Ares appears. Ares tells Xena that Joxer's death is her fault because she rejected him and then disappears. Gabrielle joins Xena, who is upset that her inaction led to Joxer's death. Gabrielle tells her she had to try, but Xena won't accept that because of all the lives Livia has taken. Gabrielle then tells Xena about her talk with Livia earlier in order to give Xena the conviction she needs to stop Livia, saying, "She's not your daughter anymore Xena. She's Rome's." Xena leaves.

    Xena crouches and prays to Eli, asking him to explain his message, asking why she needs to kill her daughter. She asks for a sign that there's some other way, but no sign is offered.

    Livia and her army arrive at Austia. They enter the temple. One follower stands and removes their robe, revealing Xena. Xena calls Livia by her Roman name for the first time with conviction and tells her that it all ends now.


    Xena and Livia fight. Livia orders her army to attack the followers, but they stand and also throw off their robes, revealing Gabrielle, Joxer and an army of Romans sent by Augustus to stop Livia. Livia and Xena continue their fight while the armies battle. During their battle, Xena drops Livia on the alter and lands with her chakram to Livia's throat, but Xena can't kill her. Livia throws Xena off of her and then she's on top with the chakram on Xena's neck. Xena prays to Eli to save her daughter and as Livia draws back her arm to strike, a brilliant, white light washes over her. Livia is shown moments from her past of Xena loving her. Her eyes tear up, she looks down at Xena and asks, "What have I done?" She stands, dazed and starts to walk off. Xena stands and stops her. Virgil attacks Livia, but Xena stops him. Livia looks at Virgil with sad eyes, while Virgil looks at her with hate. Livia leaves. Virgil demands Xena tell him why she stopped him, but Xena just follows Livia out. Gabrielle runs after Xena.

    Outside, Gabrielle joins Xena and asks her what Livia said to her. Xena replies, "She said her name was Eve."

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