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Aura V28 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
At one of their trainings, they have a surprise finding Rogue on one of the simulations. But she is not real, it was just an idea of the professor. Jean and Scott talk about how they are still trying to be friends with Rogue and get her in their team when Mystique hears them. When Jean gets kicked out from the school camp and Rogue goes in her place, Scott gets mad. Meanwhille Magneto visits Professor Charles Xavier to tell him that he doesn't trust his students with the truth. In the time, the school camp bus has some problems because of the snow and Scotts gives a little help. Rogue watches him. Then they have to go with the snow-mobiles to the place where they will stay and Rogue races with Scott. Finally Rogue finds about the truth about Mystique by touching her and receiving her memories. She saves Scott and she knows now on which side she is.
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