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Corruption and Dynamite Guest Stars
GunnersMate22 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
A strong episode where Farley investigates a string of robberies only to discover that the culprits are senior citizens whose social security checks are being redirected to an offshore account by a corrupt federal employee. The Whiz Kids are called in to hack the system, trace the trail of money, and help zero in on the bad guy, while Farley hands Quinn the arrest and alternately ensures the arrest of, bail out of, and care for the seniors. The fun lies in Farley's sympathy for the "criminals" and Ritchie's ease of hacking into the Social Security Administration for all the right reasons. This episode also boasts some wonderful guest stars including Sylvia Sidney (Beetlejuice, You Only Live Once), Elisha Cook (The Maltese Falcon, Rosemary's Baby), and Whitman Mayo (Sanford and Son, DC Cab).
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