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  • Four days after the Democratic convention, Josh begins to staff up the Santos campaign. With Santos and Leo effectively strangers - and Leo not an experienced campaigner - adjustments of roles and responsibilities are required in order to deliver a strong and consistent message. The White House prepares to launch the military Space Shuttle on its rescue mission to the Space Station amidst growing suspicion that proof of its existence was deliberately leaked by someone in the Administration. The Republicans offer Bartlet a concession on an education bill in an attempt to drive a wedge between him and the Santos campaign.


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  • At the start of the episode, the Presidential Campaign has only 105 days left to Election Day, and the Santos/McGarry Ticket is 9 Points down in the Polls. In the mean time, Oliver Babish (the White House Counsel) continues to root out the name of the Leaker, and spends much of this time questioning the Press Secretary, C.J. Craig, who is the prime suspect. In the mean time, there are only 18 Episodes left to the end of the series, and Toby Ziegler (the actual leaker) is starting to sweat bullets, primarily because he realizes that his silence will only result in the wrong person going to jail, since his Brother (one of the Astronauts on the secret military space shuttle) has made it back to the Earth unharmed. At this point, the sticky questions remain: Will Toby swallow his pride and admit his "Mea Culpa" in time to keep C.J. off the hook; If yes, will Toby be convicted and sentenced to Jail Time, or will he be permitted to trade No Jail time for public disgrace; Will this scandal have any effect on the Santos/McGarry Campaign; more important, will it have any impact on the remainder of the Bartlett administration? Tune in to succeeding episodes to find out.

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