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Joshua Malina: Will Bailey


  • Claudia Jean 'C.J.' Cregg : Danny Concannon is doing a story alleging we assassinated Abdul Sheriff.

    Glenallen Walken : How are his sources?

    Leo McGarry : He's got it.

    Claudia Jean 'C.J.' Cregg : He's looking for a comment

    Glenallen Walken : I suppose throwing him in leg irons and locking him in the basement of the Capitol wouldn't do any good.

    Leo McGarry : We shouldn't comment, sir, not while Zoey Bartlett is missing.

    Steve Atwood : No, we need to get out in front of it, release it before it breaks in the Post.

    Toby Ziegler : Release what? That we violated The Neutrality Act to covertly assassinate an official of a friendly government?

    Steve Atwood : He must not have been too friendly if you decided to shoot him.

    Will Bailey : Sir, acknowledging the assassination destroys a century's worth of progress towards international law.

    Steve Atwood : You guys didn't think about that before you did it?

    Josh Lyman : It wasn't supposed to become public.

    Steve Atwood : Yeah well you tried that before. How did it work out on MS?

  • Josh Lyman : I think we made a mistake.

    Donna Moss : What?

    Josh Lyman : Letting the President step aside.

    Will Bailey : Have you been watching CNN, MSNBC? Even FOX is treating it as a seminar on the resiliency of the Constitution.

    Josh Lyman : The President's daughter is probably tied up in the back of a gas station. We have no idea how this is playing.

    Will Bailey : He showed he's a leader, nobly embracing his own flawed humanity.

    Josh Lyman : Lincoln and Kennedy had children who died. They didn't take a sabbatical.

    Toby Ziegler : Who's been calling?

    Josh Lyman : Congressional leadership.

    Toby Ziegler : Lincoln never got a ransom note from Jefferson Davis. He's putting country before family. I'd carpet bomb Mecca to get my kids back.

    Josh Lyman : What if they like Walken better? What if he seems more presidential? What if they want Walken to stay?

    Will Bailey : In a few days, President Bartlet turns the second letter over to Congress.

    Josh Lyman : What if it doesn't take a few days? What if it takes a few weeks, a few months? What if she's never found?

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