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Different.....And Good
ccthemovieman-127 September 2007
This was different, right from the introductory scene which involves a shootout at a rural house. Josh Randall (Steve McQueen) winds up winning the shooting battle and takes his prisoner from his home as his wife and son stand by. However, Josh, who had been shot in the mêlée, passes out.

The unexpected then happens: he's nursed back to health by the fugitive's wife. She says her husband is an honorable man "Juan," played by Carlos Romero, and will go quietly when Josh is healed. She has no use for bounty hunters, though. It's only her good-hearted husband's orders keeping Josh alive.

The bulk of the program concerns what happens after Josh begins to take "Paquto" back to justice. It's a long, hard ride through desert and dust storms and it's "follow the leader." I say that because the older boy "Pachito" (Ralfael Campos ( is following the two main guys, probably to kill Randall, and two villains are following all of them, ready to shoot them all and claim a reward.

It's a good show, with Josh even using vultures to help lay a trap!
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