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  • Saul Bevins, a blind doctor traveling with his son, his sister, and his dog, asks to join the wagon train. Many others on the train object that he will slow them down, but Hale agrees to let him ride at least until the next settlement, at which time the entire wagon train will vote on whether he should continue. On the way Bevins is forced to overcome many obstacles.


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  • A blind man, his sister and young son meet up with the wagon train on the trail. They are trying to find a train that will let them travel to California. Saul is a qualified doctor and has hopes of starting a blind school in San Francisco. Some of the other men on the train object to taking the wagon in, saying that a blind man can't pull his weight and will become a burden. Chris agrees to take him the first 200 miles, after which the train will vote on whether he will be allowed to continue with the train. It turns out that he is more than capable of most things, and his well-developed senses are a gift in themselves.

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