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The Wife And The Wagon Train
bkoganbing1 April 2013
Ann Blyth who made a few appearances on Wagon Train, I'm guessing the producers liked her made her final appearance in this episode along with Ronald Reagan. In point of fact Reagan was doing one of his last acting jobs before eschewing movies and TV for politics.

Reagan and Blyth are a troubled husband and wife who have lost their baby. Blyth is drinking a lot now, but she perks up with the news that old friend John McIntire is bringing his wagon train to their post. It's the last stop before some serious Indian country and the Indians are banding together and starting to make some serious war.

There's a martinet colonel played by John Doucette who is strict about obeying orders to husband his forces at Fort Pierce and hunker down in a defensive posture. That means no escort for McIntire's train and it's too late to turn back before winter snows set in. And Doucette is also serious about getting Blyth off the post as her alcoholism is getting to be a nuisance.

Reagan is worried about both the wife and the wagon train. In the end though he decides what his duty should be.

There are a couple of other nice guest star performances from Kathie Browne and Ron Hayes, a young couple with the wagon train. She's expecting, and Blyth practically adopts them.

Nice episode all around exploring the conflict that can come from both duty and conscience.
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