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Turn a blind eye when it suits you!
arrival25 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
January, 1914, Edward is over heard talking in his local Pub that he saw Lord Charles Gilmour leave his bedroom in the middle of the night and enter a lady's whilst Valeting for Captain James a couple of months earlier. Nothing too grand about that, only that now, the woman's husband is filing for divorce, and is siting Lord Gilmour as the reason. This means that having been over heard as being a 'witness' to the said claims, Edward is required to appear in Court to state his information. Richard Bellamy does all he can to see that this does not happen, but this is hampered by the fact that Sir Geoffrey Dillon is acting Solicitor for both parties, and the man in question a 'protege' of Bellamy, and a promising young politician...

This episode is interesting in the form of the morals Hudson, and those ironically of downstairs, than those of upstairs for a change, in that it is shown without doubt that Hudson has more double standards than those above stairs when it suits him! Edward is thus left confused when he is told first to do what is right - then what is 'wrong'... He responds by wishing to join the Army!
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