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Strange Bedfellows of Crime
bkoganbing4 May 2012
This episode as narrated by Walter Winchell describes in the waning days of Prohibition a fictional deal made by two strange bedfellows of crime. Jake Guzik and Bugs Moran have little love for each other, but Guzik is in a jam and he needs the guy whose organization he almost decimated at the famous St. Valentine's Day Massacre.

Nehemiah Persoff made a few appearances in The Untouchables series as Guzik, Bugs Moran is played here by Harry Morgan. Before going into the booze business Moran learned his criminal trade as a heist man and Guzik needs him to bring in liquor because The Untouchables are doing such a good job in shutting down his stills and club owners are buying from independents.

This episode as many of The Untouchables had absolutely no relation to reality. But Guzik by all accounts was a man with a convoluted Machiavellian streak to him. He shows it here and it proves his undoing.

The scenes with Persoff and Morgan crackle as they would have if the real Bugs Moran and Jake Guzik ever were in the same room and had no weapons. For that alone you should see this Untouchables episode.
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Harry Morgan as Bugs Moran?!
MartinHafer25 March 2016
In this installment of "The Untouchables", Nehemiah Persoff is back as Jake Guzik...a nasty mob boss in Chicago. However, oddly, Bugs Moran is played by a different actors than the ones who played him previously--Lloyd Nolan and Robert Wilke. For some reason, they cast Harry Morgan is this incredibly lethal boss of all bosses.

Jake Guzik is one of the big suppliers of booze in the city. He and Bugs Moran are anything but friends. However, in this episode they decide to bury the hatchet and work together for a change instead of trying to kill each other. And, with Ness learning of this unholy partnership, it's a good bet the two scum-bags will come up short by the end of the show.

This was a decent show BUT I thought Harry Morgan was all wrong for Moran...not menacing enough. Still, it is enjoyable.
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