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A fun escape from the beach house
studioAT19 March 2017
Very rarely in this first series did the characters leave the beach house, but this episode sees them visit Charlie's financial adviser, with funny results.

There's a bit more plot to this episode than the last, and that shakes things up a bit. The financial adviser is a fun character, and it's nice to see a bit more Berta and Rose in this episode too.

I can't say I ever really warmed to Holland Taylor's mother character across all the years of the show, and there's nothing here to alter my view.

However, this is another solid episode in a better than average first series.
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"Saving" Isn't in Charlie's vocabulary
callanvass20 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
(Credit IMDb) Alan lectures Charlie for teaching Jake to gamble and tipping pizza boy Ted $50. Alas, Berta's shopping shows that his credit-card is maxed out and is cut up. Stan explains that four months of expenses which exceed his income have wiped him out financially, until his next royalties pay-out. After missing a shipping date by buying cheap generic stuff and having to tip Ted $2, Charlie swallows his pride, then tears up the check rather than dine with Evelyn. Rose volunteers a loan, pittance in her rich family, even begs he accepts it as a friend.

Charlie being broke isn't the first time this has happened on this show. That said, this is a funny episode! It's so funny to watch Charlie try to adapt to a normal lifestyle. Watching him trying to save money by buying cheaper booze and cheaper food gave me some chuckles. There are some cute moments on this show as well, including Charlie teaching Jake how to bet. I'd want Charlie as my uncle. He just seems like a lot of fun to be around. I'd NEVER let Charlie handle my money, though. That's a nightmare waiting to happen as proved by this episode. The ending is really well done. Charlie's search for a loan comes from the unlikeliest of sources.

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The lifestyle's of Charlie
salgonjulien4214 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This fourteenth episode treats(handles) money troubles of Charlie who spends too much money(silver) in all. Charlie has to learn to check quite his(her) tendencies, his(her) usual desires(envies). This episode has nothing exceptional but follows itself with pleasure thanks to the slaughter(cutting down) of Charlie Sheen still so excellent in this role which looks like him(her) enormously. The funny situations show themselves less effective sometimes but remain funny especially when Charlie asks for some money(silver) to her mother. The problem it is because an episode only on it it is a little bit thin and then because we do not see enough Jake. He(it) is also lacking striking minor characters. In any case this episode stays of a good level with an interesting basic idea but exploited(run) in a classic way without big imagination.
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