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Great Pilot
gridoon201829 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The first episode of "Tru Calling" is admirable for the way it a) introduces the main characters of the show, b) gives them a backstory, c) sets up a daring sci-fi premise, d) tells the first story based on that premise - and it manages to do all that in about 40 minutes! The premise is more than a little reminiscent of "Groundhog Day" (Tru gets to re-live a day that everybody else is living for the first time and she has the opportunity to change things) but it adds the element of whodunit (she must figure out what happened in the original timeline so that she can make the right changes). The experienced director Phillip Noyce sets a breathless pace (the rewind/transition effects are very well-done), and series creator Jon Harmon Feldman writes a twisty first tale. Of course the fact that Eliza Dushku is one of the fittest and most beautiful women in the world does not hurt, either. *** out of 4.
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A promising start.
bethwilliam21 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Tru Davies wants to be a Med student and ends up being a morgue assistant to save money. Her life is pretty ordinary. She has a brother who gambles too much, a sister who does drugs to cope with the pressure of the job, and a father she rarely speaks to since her mother's murder.

On her first night on the job she "meets" Rebecca Morgan who appears to be a murder victim. Suddenly the deceased person asks for help and Tru finds herself waking up to repeat the previous day.

Unfortunately no-one can help our hero and she must work it out on her own. Tru discovers that Rebecca may have been murdered by a previous boyfriend, or perhaps a business man she has been having an affair with.

In the end there is an interesting twist and it all ends well. Along the way Tru is able to help her brother avoid a beating and provide words of encouragement to her sister.

Tru calling has been done before. We all remember Quantum Leap. Although this series is slicker.
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