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  • Knox, Johnson and Baker's Huey is downed. They find an orphaned baby while fleeing a father with a vengeance.


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  • During a mission, Bravo Company is engaged by a group of NVC. In the course of the fight, the leaders son is shot and killed. While trying to extract from the scene of the fight, Anderson, Johnson and Baker are stranded in hostile territory and must try to find their way to a point where it is safe to signal for help, unaware that they are being followed by the enemy troop that attacked them. Along the way they come across a group of Montagnard people that have been brutally attacked and killed. The only survivor is a pregnant woman who is in labor. Soon after giving birth, the woman dies, leaving the men to carry the baby along with them to safety. As they travel, the baby becomes ill causing the men to light a signal fire even though they are aware of their enemy follower. A fight ensues, leaving all three men wounded and stranded on a rocky outcropping. During the fight, the baby is shot and killed. When the VC leader reaches the top of the hill he finds Anderson holding the dead baby and crying about the fact that the baby never had a chance. When they are picked up the three men form a circle in the helicopter, holding hands and holding the hand of the dead baby, signifying that he was part of their group and that his life meant something.

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