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The goose lands and lays an egg
zeppo-212 September 2006
There is some good news and some bad news...the bad news is that this is another painfully unfunny episode. But the good news is that it is the last of the series! (Sound of cheering)

Now I know a little of how people felt when the actual WW2 ended. Everyone suffers in wartime and so have I watching these. But finally it has come to an finish, not with a bang but with a dismal whimper.

There is a German spy loose in the allied bunker who is out to assassinate Churchill. As a decoy, Frankie must wheel a Churchill dummy awaiting the attempt to kill the British leader. In a shock surprise, the assassin is a woman 'mit der German aczent.' Lots of misunderstanding and some more cross-dressing thrown in for some unknown reason. If in doubt, put a bloke in a dress for a laugh and comical effect as he is mistaken for a real woman. didn't work on any of those levels here either.

The spy is caught and thankfully we come to the conclusion of this laughter free comedy. And for you, Frankie, der war is over!
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