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Sitcom deals with a serious topic.
PWNYCNY29 August 2007
This show deals with the topic of death, which is unexpected for a sitcom. Surprisingly, the show deals with the subject in an effective manner, without becoming sentimental. Repression, denial, and projection are dramatized as each character deals in their own way with the loss of a relative, in this case Red's mother. Kurtwood Smith gives the best performance. His character, the droll and cynical head of the household, Red, struggles the most to maintain control, repress his emotions and frowns on others who express theirs. That doesn't mean he is unfeeling, it just means that he is afraid to let loose because he believes that showing feelings is a sign of weakness and will undermine his position as an authority figure. Yet he too eventually succumbs as he reminisces with his son, who blames himself for his grandmother's death. All in all, this sitcom manages to deal with a complex and sensitive topic at a level that transcends the the usual low level of potboiler pulp to which we have become accustomed.
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Grandma's Dead (#1.23)
ComedyFan20106 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
When Eric drives Grandma Foreman home and tells her to stop being nasty she dies. He then gets her home and their family gets the funeral prepared. Red's brother Marty also comes as well and he is opposite to Red when it comes to emotions.

A great episode. They managed to do a topic of death by going through different points and at the same time keeping it very funny. The death moment itself is funny. Then Eric dealing with it at the driving area and telling about it to his parents.

The funeral also is well done including what each of them said to Red. And the fight of Red and Marty about trains is also great.
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