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Poverty corruptors
This kind of topic could easily have been made thirty years earlier, deep in the world wide depression, when millions of Americans struggled to survive and migrated in that purpose. Here, you see hundreds of poor people, families with children, try to find any work, even the ugliest. Poor naive people who of course become dreamed prey for all kinds of crooks, scoundrels, racketeers and swindlers. You may think here of John Ford's GRAPES OF WRATH. A social story, more than a crime one. Beware for the young Warren Oates's performance, several years earlier than his Sam Peckinpah's contributing; and also don't miss Keenan Wynn as the evil guy. The scene where he brutalizes Royal Dano is absolutely terrific. We watch in this tale the disgusting behaviour of ruthless men discussing business and big dol on the misfortune of those poor migrant farm workers to whom they suck theblood off. Perfectly handled by Bill Conrad as directing.
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