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Great tale from the crypt.
Paul Andrews27 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Tales from the Crypt: Creep Course starts as brainless football jock Reggie Skulnick (Anthony Michael Hall) realises that with out help he will fail his mid term exam in Egyptology, he decides to ask clever bookwork Stella Bishop (Nina Siemaszko) to help him steal the mid term exam answers from their teacher Professor Finley's (Jeffrey Jones) house. Stella goes round to Finley's house later that night with the excuse of looking at his personal collection of Egyptian artifacts, Finley is more than happy to oblige for rather sinister reasons...

This Tales from the Crypt story was episode 9 from season 5, written & directed by Jeffrey Boam Creep Course is one of the better stories from a largely disappointing (out of the ones I've seen) season 5. The script was based on a story from 'The Haunt of Fear' comic book & after tackling Vampires, Werewolves, Voodoo, curses, ghosts, zombies, killers, cannibals, monsters & mutants it's time for Tales from the Crypt to do an old fashioned Mummy story, the only one in the show's 7 seasons in fact. This is is a proper horror tale, it doesn't have the dark humour that most of the best Tales from the Crypt episodes do but that works well within this particular story although the trademark twist ending has a nice morbid sense of irony as the student has out-thought the teacher. The build up on this one is a bit laboured for the first 10 minutes & the story overall might be a touch predictable but at only 30 odd minutes it doesn't outstay it's welcome & I liked it all the same.

This one looks good as usual although I'm slightly baffled as to how they managed to get an entire Egyptian tomb into a basement, how the hell did they get it through the door? There's some gore here, someone pukes their liquefied guts up, someone has part of their brain pulled out from their nose & the make-up job on the zombified rotting Mummy is impressive. Again there's a good cast here who put in a decent shift.

Creep Course is a shining light in an otherwise average season, what I've seen of it so far anyway. Definitely well worth a watch but then I'm a fan so maybe I'm biased.
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Neat episode
Woodyanders1 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Popular college jock Reggie Skulnick (Anothony Michael Hall in fine and engaging form) enlists the assistance of nerdy student Stella Bishop (winningly played with considerable geeky'n'gawky charm by the cute Nina Siemaszko) to help him pass a crucial final exam for an Egyptology class that's taught by the pompous Professor Finley (a spot-on smarmy portrayal by Jeffrey Jones). However, Finley has other much more sinister plans in mind for Stella. Writer/director Jeffrey Boam relates the enjoyable story at a snappy pace, maintains a serious tone throughout, and tosses in a few bits of nasty gore for good measure. Moreover, the cast act with real aplomb, with Hall in particular a definite slimy stand-out as one extremely sneaky and conniving little weasel. The lanky Ivan E. Roth makes for a cool'n'creepy monster as a lethal shambling mummy. Rick Bota's slick cinematography provides a pleasing glossy look while Jay Ferguson's exotic score gives everything an extra flavorsome kick. A worthwhile show.
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one of the best...
phil morris18 July 2006
...if not the best episode of t from the c ever. As much as i hate it when people make these lists (cos i always disagree with their rankings), there really never was an episode i disliked so there is nothing to disagree with so...(i love elipses)...

best episodes of TfromtheC ever 1. dig that cat he's real gone - joey pants, arliss, circus theme, solid gold 2. creep course - an extremely close 2nd, jeffrey jones, that jackass from the brat pack, sex with mummies! excellent 3.man who was death - should be called the man who was the crypt, will sadler made this show with this pilot (?), he's just great start to finish every single line. and electro-drowning. and the soundtrack of the century by ty cooter(jim jarmusch's dead man) 4.split second - if only for the chainsaws, chainsaws, chainsaws. 5.TIE- three's a crowd - personal favorite but may not hold up to public scrutiny. the thing from the grave - Classic...

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