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Ava Gregory: Guys! You guys! Bradin didn't come home last night!

Johnny Durant: Well...you know Bradin, He's uh he's gonna be fine

Jay Robertson: Most likely better than fine...

Johnny Durant: You think?

Jay Robertson: Well...

Ava Gregory: Ok, somebody better tell me what's going on!

Jay Robertson: Possibly some very big...stuff.

Ava Gregory: How big?

Johnny Durant: Oh I'd say something you only do once in your lifetime big!

Ava Gregory: Oh my god!

Bradin Westerly: Oh, it was so hot. I guess I just kinda fell asleep at the beach last night.

Johnny Durant: Any change left from last night?

Bradin Westerly: Haha..no.

Johnny Durant: Ohhh.

Jay Robertson: Touchdown!

Ava Gregory: Are you kidding me? What did you do when he told you his plans? Did you slap him on the back and give him a high five?!

Johnny Durant: ...and a few condoms

Ava Gregory: A few!?

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