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  • SG-11 failed to report regularly while mining trinium, a vital mineral for earth's defense against the goa'uld. SG-1 finds them missing, all traces cease at the site of arrow-heads made from trinium. Then they are all sedated by such arrow and brought to the village of Tonané, whose earthly tribal ancestry Daniel identifies by its animal totems, however soon awake and released, even returned their guns and promised to get their friends back too from the wolf spirit T'akaya and the raven-shaped supreme spirit Xe'ls. The council of elders refuses to allow resuming the mining, which is disrespectful to nature, but Tonané is delegated to be shown alternatives on earth. Both teams return to star-base, or so it appears- in fact SG-11 is a series of incarnated spirits, who are soon convinced the earthlings are most untrustworthy...

  • SG-11 does not return from a mission to collect trinium ore. When SG-1 travels to the planet, the mystical Indians there say that the Spirits have captured SG-11. After talking to animals said to incarnate the Spirits, SG-11 is released. Soon after SG teams return to Earth with Indian leader Tonané to seek a mining agreement and many people disappear at the SGC.

  • With SG-11 two days overdue and Col. Jack O'Neill in hospital recovering from a wound he received when an arrow came flying through the Stargate, Sam Carter leads Daniel and Teal'c to the planet in the hope of recovering their colleagues but also to find trinium, a lightweight but very strong metal. The population of the planet are very similar to North American Salish Indians and likely had their origins on Earth. The local chief, Tonané communicates with his people's spirits and is prepared to release the SG-11team but isn't at all keen on letting them engage in large-scale mining. He returns to Earth with Sam and the others but when he again refuses to let them mine the trinium, General Hammond yells O'Neill and the others that he is under orders to proceed anyway at which point the native people spirits reveal themselves.

  • The SG-11 goes missing while mining the powerful mineral trinium that is considered by the military as essential to defend Earth from a possible Goa'uld attack. Out of the blue, Jack is hit by a trinium arrow that comes from the Stargate. Sam, Daniel and Teal'c head to the planet and meet their leader Tonané in his tribal village. They have a meeting with the elders that do not accept the mining of trinium, and they give their word that they would stop the process. Then Tonané goes with the SG-1 to rescue the SG-11 from the spirits that have taken them. They return to the SG Command with Tonané, but General Hammond tells that the Powers That Be have ordered to continue mining trinium in the planet. However, the SG-11 is formed actually by the spirits posing as humans and when they overhear the instructions. They conclude that Earthling's word is untrustworthy and decide to destroy the base. Now the only chance is Daniel to convince the powerful wolf spirit T'akaya and the supreme spirit Xe'ls that they deserve to live.


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