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  • During a visit to the Nasyan planet, under the first goa'uld attack in centuries, a victim's breath given mouth-to-mouth infects Sam, at first unnoticed. Soon her behavior changes, more military and assertive, and she seems to suffer from amnesia. Cassie senses immediately Sam really hosts a goa'uld, which is confirmed by her attempt at gunpoint to escape via the star-gate, and since the aliens now seem able to enter via small skin wounds as in her throat, Dr. Fraser points out there may be others in the base. Sam is jailed but allegedly hosts Jolinar, a 'Tok'ra' or good, anti-warlord goa'uld underground rebel, being chased by an 'ashrak', a goa'uld hit man, who has already started his deadly assignment on earth...

  • While attempting to revive a villager during a Goa'uls attack, Sam Carter becomes infected with a Goa'uld. It's Cassandra who realizes what she has become and O'Neil manages to stop her just as she's about to use the gate to transport to another planet. Their immediate concern is that the base has been infiltrated by other similar beings. The being inhabiting Sam offers to return Sam intact if they will allow her to leave through the gate to find a new host. She tells Teal'c that she is a Tok'ra, a resistance fighter of sorts against the Goa'uld. They don't know if they can trust the being but ups the ante when it tells Daniel that he can tell her where his wife is. There is also a Goa'uld assassin out to destroy it.

  • During a Goa'uld attack to Nasyan planet, Sam is infected while giving mouth to mouth resuscitation to a native. The SG-1 and the survivors goes to the SG-1 and Sam has a strange behavior. After visiting Cassandra, the girl feels that Sam is hosting a Goa'uld and she tells to Jack. Sam is arrested and the Goa'uld claims to be Jolinar, a rebel Tok 'ra, and he does not want to damage Sam. Further, among the survivors from Nasyan, there is a Goa'uld ashrak that is hunting him down. Teal'c believes that the Goa'uld is telling the truth but who might be the hit man?

  • Samantha Carter becomes the host of a Goa'uld when she was trying to save the life of the previous host.


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