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  • On their first visit to a new planet, SG-1 finds it subject to totally destructive volcanic activity and saves ten natives, the Tollan, a far more technologically advanced society. Their leader Omoc isn't grateful, nor interested in such a primitive race as the earthlings or any of the 'even more primitive' planets which are prepared to host them. Only one Tollan, Narim, shows an active interest in life on earth, especially in captain Samantha Carter and the cat Schrodinger she gives him, explaining his planet was destroyed after the Tolan supplied an unlimited energy source to a primitive neighboring planet which abused it for a cataclysmic weapon. Meanwhile the White House authorized NID colonel Mayborn to take charge over the Tollan for military purposes, exactly Omoc's nightmare...

  • The SG-1 team arrives on planet on the edge of destruction with a series of volcanoes about to erupt. They are spewing ash and the team finds many dead scattered around the gate area. There are a few survivors however who are transferred to Earth for treatment. Their leader, Omoc, is arrogant and disdainful of the assistance they have been given. He makes it quite clear that he considers Earthlings to be an inferior species and they wish to be relocated to a planet of equals as soon as possible. Omoc and his people have had unfortunate incidents in the past where inferior species have tried to use their advanced technology only to find themselves at war. This seems to be happening again when the Air Force sends Col. Harry Maybourne to question the refugees with the principal aim of learning what weapons they might acquire. It's left to Daniel Jackson, the only one who has nothing to fear from the military, to turn to a people they've met on a previous trip in the hope of finding an acceptable home for Omoc and his group.

  • Jack, Sam, Daniel and Teal'c travel to a planet and on the arrival, they find it completely destroyed due an intense volcanic activity. When they are ready to return, they find a group of near-death survivors and bring them to SGC. Soon they learn that they are the Tollan and they are more advanced in technology. Their arrogant leader Omoc despises the help of SG-1 and considers Earthlings a primitive race. The Tollan Narin interacts with Sam and seems attracted to her and to the cat Schrodinger. General Hammond and the SG-1 try to find a planet to relocate the Tollan but Omoc refuses since they are more primitive than Earth. Out of the blue, Colonel Mayborn arrives at the SG-1 authorized by the president to take the Tollan to a military base to use their technology for weapon. But Daniel recalls the advanced Nox and tells to Omoc that the SGC does not have how to contact them. However Omoc offers an option.


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