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  • When a "chosen" boy found on planet Abydos is brought to SGC, he sends a telepathic message, causing Daniel Jackson's personality to undergo disturbing changes. Will the rest of SG-1 be able to solve the mystery of the boy's origin before he becomes a power-hungry warmonger?

  • When a young boy, Shifu, is found on Abydos he is taken to SGC. The boy may have special powers and may in fact be the child they spirited away several years ago to keep him away from from the Goa'uld. Daniel and the boy develop a rapport and the boy embeds information in Daniel's mind. The information proves invaluable as Daniel now has the blueprint for a defense system - a ring of satellites circling the Earth - that would repel any Goa'uld attack. As the system is being built Daniel undergoes a dramatic personality change becoming demanding, impatient and at times, imperious. His mania knows no bounds but all is not as it seems.

  • The SG-1 is summoned by Kasuf to investigate a mysterious phenomenon in Abydos and they find the boy Shifu. He tells that he is Harcesis and he might be Sha're's son. Daniel has a close contact with the boy and they decide to take Shifu to be examined at the SGC. Daniel explains to Shifu that they want to check whether he has knowledge of the Goa'uld science and Shifu makes telepathic contact with him. Soon Daniel learns the Goa'uld technological knowledge and he changes his personality, affecting the SG-1.

  • When Daniel's Harsesis son Shifu '(light') is finally found on Abydos, and allows SGC to bring him to earth, it proves hard to ascertain his identity and a dilemma arises if the boy should be made to activate his Goa'uld knowledge and thus be exposed to its horror, as all where apparently blocked out by Ooma to allow him a normal youth and wise education. Daniel isn't just affected emotionally, after a philosophical interview and a touch of his forehead he wakes up realizing he's the new vessel of the Harsesis heritage. His character and attitude soon change from inquisitive team player to overbearing leader; he soon comes up with an $80 billion plan for a satellite defense system against the Goa'uld or any other threat and gets the Pentagon's blank check to execute it like a proconsul, cutting off even his SG-1 colleagues, and worse follows after a year. However..


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  • SG-1 is called to Abydos to investigate a strange phenomenon: a whirling sandstorm that seems to whisper Dr. Daniel Jackson's name. When they confront the twisting tempest, it dissolves to reveal a young boy who introduces himself as Shifu, the Harsesis. Shifu is brought back to Stargate Command, where he undergoes a series of tests. The tests reveal that Shifu is physically normal, but it is apparent to all that the young boy is wise beyond his years. Possessing the genetic memory of the Goa'uld, he undoubtedly has the potential to become a powerful weapon against the system lords. Faced with this prospect, the Harsesis child sets out to teach Daniel a lesson by imbuing him with the sought-after genetic memories and launching him on a spiritual journey. Ultimately, Daniel must face a difficult challenge. Will he use his newfound knowledge to change the world for the better? Or will he allow this knowledge to change him for the worse?

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