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The Doctor possesses Seven
Tweekums7 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This episode which focuses on an away mission that goes wrong for Seven of Nine, The Doctor and Harry features both action and humour. While out studying primitive DNA in a comet the Delta Flyer is attacked by an alien ship that is at war against holographic life forms and considers the doctor to be a threat. As his holo-matrix begins to fail his program is downloaded into Seven's cybernetic implants. This leads to the Doctor possessing Seven's body; something he seems to enjoy as he shows their captor the range of food and drink the Flyer's replicator can produce and even gets sexually aroused when given a massage by a female member of their captor's crew. Needless to say when he is transferred back to her emitter Seven is less than impressed. Back on Voyager Tuvok has entered his once-in-seven-year mating cycle which leads to emotional instability, Tom suggests he uses the holodeck to relieve his tensions but this attracts the hologram hating aliens. Luckily their ship is no match for Voyager and after the Doctor transmits the details of the ship the Flyer is on Voyager mounts a rescue.

This was a fun episode, while there are plenty of good action scenes the real highlight of this episode is Jeri Ryan's portrayal of Seven of Nine during her possession by The Doctor, it was delightful to see a normally very restrained character revelling in her senses.
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A lot of fun....
MartinHafer6 March 2015
When the show begins, a shuttle with Seven, Harry and the Doctor is set upon by an alien species. It seems that these folks HATE holograms and detected the Doctor's presence on the ship. However, due to some quick thinking, Seven sticks the Doctor in a file within her Borg implants. This way, they can save him. Despite not finding the holo man, these folks take Harry and Seven prisoner. But with the Doctor inside, often Seven behaves a lot like him--and Jeri Ryan did a great job impersonating his manner. It's a bit confusing when the Captain of this ship, a guy, falls for Seven. And, a bit later, the Doctor finds himself falling for one of these aliens. All in all, very confusing but funny--and a great chance to see that Ms. Ryan really can act. Well worth seeing for this as well as Captain Janeway's unusual style of diplomacy in this particular show. A real treat.
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Of PON FARR and Holograms.
XweAponX6 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Or, as the Lokirrim call them, "Photonic Insurgents".

Seven of Sixty-Nine and Harry Him are suffering through an away mission with The Doctor - He has found a Comet which is carrying some "Pre- Animate Matter Caught in the Matrix" (Some of these words were uttered by Captain Chekov in "Star Wreck II: The Wrath of Khan") - Or the matter COULD have really been caught IN The Matrix, I think "The Matrix" had been shown in Theatres by that time. After I watched this incredibly funny episode, I felt like *I* was in the Matrix.

To get back off topic, The Doctor is going off on a new tangent about this stuff when The Delta Flyer is Attacked in an Unprovoked Fashion, by Paranoid Aliens hunting down "Photonic Insurgents". Enter Fritz Sperberg (Ranek) and yet another role for Megan Gallagher (Lt. Jaryn)- And The Doctor seems to have been decompiled by the Lokirrim's "Remote- Decompiler" - At least this is what Seven says has happened. "You Murdered him, you decompiled him" and they get tossed into the Lokirrim Ship's Hoosegow.

But the reports of The Doctor's Decompilation are a little Premature, he stuck himself into Seven! So for the next 39 minutes, Jeri Ryan makes us utterly BELIEVE that Robert Picardo is LIVING in her Borg Implanted SKIN.

Meanwhile, back on Voyeur, Tuvok is undergoing a Tarelian Mumps attack that he had about "seven" years earlier. Tom Paris sets him on a diet of Hormones and promises discretion, but it is not that all of the rest of the crew including Janeway don't know what's really happening.

"Seven" is called on by Captain Ranek to explain the Delta Flyer, Replicators and Cheesecake. So they gorge themselves and drink massive amounts of booze to top it off, while The Doctor in control of Seven blathers on about how much she owes everything to the most important person in the universe - The Doctor.

She/He gets the Mobile Emitter back but has to agree to act as a Ships Doctor- When The Doctor is finally put back into The Emitter, Seven is VERY angry- But she can hardly stand, due to the 8 glasses of Champagne The Doctor indulged in. If you think back a few episodes, and remember what happens when she drank just ONE glass (It was in the episode where they tried to use the Quantum-Slipstream Drive from "Hope and Fear" "Timeless").

After The Doctor agrees to behave, Seven plans to acquire Captain Ranek's command codes. Seems like Ranek is a little Intrigued by Doctor Seven as well, he tried to cram his tongue down Seven's Throat. To make matters worse, the Doc is also a little intrigued by Jaryn (Gallagher), who almost causes an unlikely "Hormonic Accident" while giving him a massage!

Back at Voyeur, Tom creates a Holodeck version of Tuvok's Wife (Marva Hicks) - And we get to see, almost, what really would have happened to Spock in "Amok Time" had his wife decided not to go all "Kalifi" on him- But as Tuvok starts into it, Voyager is attacked by another Lokaran ship, because they detected the Holodeck. Janeway has to agree not to use the Holodeck for a while, frustrating Tuvok.

When Seven confronts The Doctor about his becoming aroused, he gives us GUILTY look number 47-A: The jutting-out of the lower jaw. What a spot! There simply is no way of coming out of this conundrum clean, Er, Or, with clean pants at least.

The Award of the Decade goes to Jeri Ryan, she has every move, every vocal inflection, every bit of The Doctor's personality. But with a bit of Femininity added. But he/she is still his verbose and bragging and irritating self.

So She/He uses the ammo She/He's GOT against Ranek, and knocks him out, sends a message to Voyeur, and they are just as Confuddled by this Genderbent Doctor. But they get the gist, kick their escort ships Arse, and haul Arse over to where Ranek's ship is. Ranek tries to retaliate, but the real Seven shuts down their Shields, and Ranek is hurt. It takes The Doctor saving his life to get the whole Lokaran ship to drop their personal shields as well.

This episode was some indication of the Photonic Rebellion that is explored in "Flash and Blood" parts I and II- At this time, Janeway had no idea - That she caused this as well.

And as always this whole Episode is Tom Paris' fault - Or at least Robert Duncan McNeill's who directed it. Ironically, Paris whips up a Photonic solution for Tuvok' 7-Year Itch, and this plays out in parallel with the Photonic Phoreplay of The Doctor.
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2 become 1
jimjamjonny3911 October 2017
Probably the best two characters on from Voyager make this a thoroughly entertaining episode. As the delta flyer with Harry, Seven and the Dr have been on a mission through Lokrim space they are arrested for transporting a phototonic, our Dr (only we know him as Voyagers' hologram). So to save him from being - terminated Seven downloads his program to her cyber implants and that's where the fun begins as he is now actually in control of her body. After she/he is taken to the captain of the lokrim ship for interrogation, having to prove that the replicators are not weapon creators, an overindulgence of rich food and sinthahol leads to an extremely funny episode.
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