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  • The Enterprise addresses the emergency of an old Klingon ship coming out of stasis and ready to fight the Federation. A half-Human/half Klingon emissary arrives to help, who once knew Worf intimately.

  • The Enterprise is ordered to an emergency rendezvous to collect a special envoy traveling from Starbase 153. They are given no information about the nature of the emergency, just that they will be briefed by the emissary on arrival. She is K'Ehleyr, a half-human/half-Klingon who has been sent to deal with the Klingon warship T'Ong that has been found in deep space with a crew in long-term stasis. They predate the current peaceful coexistence between the Federation and the Klingon Empire and, as far as they are concerned, the Klingon warriors aboard are still at war. Worf has a solution to dealing with the warriors. Meanwhile, it appears that K'Ehleyr has a history - and perhaps at one time a romance - with Lieutenant Worf.

  • Starfleet observes extreme secrecy about the Enterpise's emergency mission, to be explained by a special emissary arriving most hastily by a small converted space capsule. It's female half-Klingon K'Ehleyr, who unlike Worf considers herself essentially human; however, the pair shares a complex relationship, with past frustrations and frustrating expectations. They must deal with Klingon captain K'Temoc's warship which, freshly out of stasis, is unaware that the war against humanity has ended. The envoy considers the mission a lost cause, but Picard demands an alternative solution, and Worf finds one.

  • The Enterprise beams aboard an emissary from Starfleet Command, who informs them that a Klingon vessel - the T'Ong, whose crew has been in cryogenic sleep for almost a century - will awaken believing that they're still at war with the Federation. Reviving near unprotected Federation outposts, they would immediately attack. Unknown to the crew of the Enterprise, Worf and emissary K'Ehleyr - a half-human, half-Klingon female - were once linked romantically. Picard asks them to come up with a plan to stop the Klingon ship without bringing about their deaths. They argue, and K'Ehleyr storms out. K'Ehleyr goes to the Holodeck and blows off steam in Worf's calisthenics program - a battle against deadly aliens. Worf joins her for the exercise. Following victory and the resulting intimacy, Worf asks her to take the Klingon oath of marriage, which traditionally follows intimacy, but she refuses. As the Enterprise approaches the T'Ong, Worf has an idea and, dressed in full Klingon captain's regalia, presents himself to the T'Ong as the captain of the Enterprise. He convinces the Klingons that they are now all members of the Federation. As K'Ehleyr prepares to take command of the Klingon vessel, she and Worf reconcile their differences.


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