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Sequel episode.
russem314 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
ST:TNG:174 - "Bloodlines" (Stardate: 47829.1) - this is the 22nd episode of the 7th and last season of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

As happens with any series that's been on as long as TNG, they start having sequel episodes and this episode is no exception. DaiMon Bok (from the 1st season episode "The Battle", this time played by Lee Arenberg instead of Frank Corsentino), seeks to avenge his son because he thinks Picard killed him while he was captain of the Stargazer. In "The Battle", he gave Picard the Stargazer back as a "gift" but at the same time used a mind probe to make him relive the incident and ruin his life. With that plan averted, DaiMon Bok lost his rank.

Now, he's back and a DaiMon again - to avenge his son, he will now kill Picard's son (which comes as a surprise to Picard since he never knew he had a son!) - his name is Jason Vigo. Picard feels he has a responsibility to protect him against Bok and goes to his rescue on Camor IV before it's too late.

But, is Jason really Picard's son?
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Picard and Son
Hitchcoc17 October 2014
This is another effort to come up with something worthy to finish off the final season. In this one, Picard, who was forced to blow up a Ferengi vessel in an earlier episode, is confronted by the Ferengi whose son was on board that ship. He has sworn revenge and tells Picard that he has a son, unknown to him, and the D'Aimon is going to execute him. Picard finds the "son" and brings him aboard the Enterprise to protect him. Apparently, the Captain had had some dalliance in the past and this young rebellious guy was the result. Unfortunately, the Ferengi leader seems to have access to the ship and is set upon making PIcard pay. The episode involves Picard getting to know this young man and do what is right. Once again, there is a kind of pall over the episode and it just doesn't work that well.
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DaiMon Bok is once again a big jerk!
MartinHafer6 December 2014
In the first season of "Star Trek: The Next Generation", DaiMon Bok tried to drive Picard crazy and kill him. Well, the fun-loving DaiMon Bok is back--and this time he pledges to kill Picard's son...though as far as Picard knows he doesn't have one! So, the Captain thinks back and realizes that one woman might have given him a son many, many years ago. What follows is a strange little episode, as Picard tries to make up for lost time with a rather irresponsible and strange young man. And, of course, he tries to stop Bok before he can do very bad things.

All in all, this is a decent but forgettable episode. It's mildly interesting to see the Captain think about what his life could have been like and the ending didn't seem all that surprising. Worth seeing but nothing more.
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Picard finds a son
bkoganbing24 September 2017
The Enterprise receives an unusual holograph on its bridge and addressed to Patrick Stewart. It's a Ferengi Daemon played by Larry Arenberg who says he's going to kill a son that Picard never knew he had. That's in revenge for Picard killing a son of his in battle years ago.

Said son turns out to be Ken Olandt, son of a woman that Picard had been involved with in his younger days. Olandt is 24 now and a bit of a scapegrace. Nevertheless he's happy that he has a father now as is Patrick Stewart.

However there's still the vengeful Ferengi to be dealt with and he's developed some kind of long range transportation system that has bedeviled the Enterprise crew. In the end all the truths are revealed about Picard, about Arenberg, and about Olandt. Dr. Crusher has a big part in finding those truths.

Ken Olandt is engaging and likable in this story, the kind of son you would Jean-Luc Picard would have. Olandt and Stewart have some good scenes together.

Also for once we have a Ferengi motivated by something more than riches.
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Is Picard a father?
Tweekums26 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Picard is in for quite a surprise when the Enterprise discovers a Ferengi probe which delivers a message from DaiMon Bok; he blames Picard for the death of his son fifteen years previously and he promises to kill Picard's son in revenge… a son Picard wasn't aware that he had! After some research Picard learns that a woman he had a brief relationship with over twenty years ago had a child not too long after he last saw her. The Enterprise manages to find the boy, who is now twenty three, and a DNA analysis quickly establishes that he is indeed Picard's son. The boy, Jason Vigo, doesn't seem interested in getting to know his father but the captain tries to get closer to him, even after learning of Jason's criminal past. Even though Jason is on the Enterprise Bok manages to kidnap him; if Picard is to save him he will have to teleport to Bok's ship alone.

This is a decent enough episode, certainly better than the previous couple of episodes. The opening immediately grabs the viewers' attention as there had been no previous mention of Picard's son… not surprising given that he was unaware of him. Bok is a decent antagonist although the idea that he could beam on and off the Enterprise seems a bit unlikely; one would think the Enterprise would have better security. Ken Olandt does a decent enough job as Jason and Lee Arenberg is fun as Bok but it is Patrick Stewart who impresses the most as Picard comes to terms with the news that he has a son and that he is about to be killed. The twist in the ending was reasonable but not really necessary. Overall not a bad episode but ultimately fairly forgettable.
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