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Can the genetically modified people help the Federation?
Tweekums5 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Not all genetically enhanced people are as well adjusted as Dr. Bashir and four of these are sent to DS9 so that Bashir can see what he can do for them. Their arrival leads to the Doctor and the other members of the senior crew discussing the morality of limiting what genetically modified people can do; although given how these four act it is hard to see what they could do. Jack is hyperactive, Lauren is flirtatious, Patrick is overly nervous and Sarina won't say a word. When they see Damar's latest speech they make many perceptive observations so when he comes to DS9 to broker a peace treaty the four are invited to analyse what he is offering and what he is asking for in order to find the thing he wants most. This terns out to be an apparently worthless planet that could be use as a source of Ketracel White which they are running low on and have no other obvious source. At first there work seems useful but when they say that the Federation should surrender to the Dominion as they would lose any war that suggestion is certainly not welcome. With their suggestion ignored they decide to approach the Dominion themselves with information that should minimise casualties at the cost of a certain defeat for the Federation.

While there was nothing wrong with Tim Ransom's acting the character of Jack was rather annoying initially, as he just wouldn't stop talking, I suspect this was by design however. The way Lauren constantly flirted with any man was quite amusing though. Once they had started analysing the Cardassian plans they got more interesting and less annoying and it was interesting which one of them helped Dr Bashir when the others contacted the Dominion.
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MartinHafer18 January 2015
As this episode progressed, my oldest daughter yelled out "It sure looks like this show jumped the shark!"--and I could understand her thinking this as we watched this pile of crap episode of "Star Trek: Deep Space 9". It is a pretty terrible episode.

This show is about a group of genetically enhanced humans. However, instead of being happy Starfleet members like Dr. Bashir, these folks are all weirdos who live in what looks a bit like an asylum. Regardless, Dr. Bashir agrees to babysit these uber-annoying beings. During this time, he bonds with these folks and together the new 'team' learn to run various statistical formulas--ones that would seem to indicate that the Federation is destined to be destroyed by the Dominion.

The problem with this show are these new characters. They are loud, obnoxious and 100% annoying. You just want them to shut up and die- -they are THAT annoying! Overall, I cannot believe that this could have been a lot better than it was--it couldn't really have been much worse.
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