"Star Trek: The Original Series" Return to Tomorrow (TV Episode 1968) Poster

Diana Muldaur: Dr. Ann Mulhall, Thalassa



  • Thalassa : Doctor, would you like to save your Captain Kirk?

    Dr. McCoy : But you said that was impossible.

    Thalassa : We have many powers Sargon did not permit us to use. He thought them too tempting to us. This body pleases me; I intend to keep it.

    Dr. McCoy : I see. And Henoch intends to keep Spock's body, of course.

    Thalassa : Henoch's plans are his own affair. I wish only to exist in peace as a living woman.

    Dr. McCoy : If you're asking my approval...

    Thalassa : I require only your silence. Now only you and I will know that Dr. Mulhall has not returned to her body. Isn't that worth your captain's life? Doctor, we can take what we wish: Neither you nor this ship nor all your words have the power to stop us.

    Dr. McCoy : Neither Jim nor I can trade a body we don't own. It happens to belong to a young woman...

    Thalassa : Who you hardly know - almost a stranger to you.

    Dr. McCoy : I will not peddle flesh. I'm a physician.

    Thalassa : A physician? In contrast to what we are you are a prancing, savage medicine man. You dare defy one you should be on your knees worshiping? I could destroy you with a single thought.

    [Painful energy field engulfs the doctor, then stops] 

    Thalassa : Stop. Sargon was right, the temptations within a living body are too great. Forgive me.

  • Capt. Kirk : When Sargon and I exchanged, as we passed each other, for an instant, we were one. I know him now. I know what he is and what he wants, and I don't fear him.

    Dr. McCoy : That's the most ridiculous statement I've ever heard. An alien practically hijacks your body and then corks you into a bottle, and you...

    Ann Mulhall : [interrupting]  I'm afraid that I must agree with Dr. McCoy. You could be suffering from a form of... of false euphoria.

  • Thalassa : Oblivion together does not frighten me, beloved.

  • Thalassa : [in Dr. Mulhall's body]  Can robot lips do this?

    [Kisses Sargon in Captain Kirk's body] 

  • Capt. Kirk : That's twice you referred to us as "my children."

    Sargon : Because it is possible you are our descendants, Captain Kirk. Six thousand centuries ago, our vessels were colonizing this galaxy, just as your own starships have now begun to explore that vastness. As you now leave your own seed on distant planets, so we left our seed behind us. Perhaps your own legends of an Adam and an Eve were two of our travelers.

    Ann Mulhall : Our beliefs and our studies indicate that life on our planet Earth evolved independently.

    Mr. Spock : That would tend, however, to explain certain elements of Vulcan prehistory.

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