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Not necessarily depressing but it's a sad episode.
Bon_Jovi_chick10 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Basically, after what seems to be a lifetime together, Wendy has dumped Stan and is going out with Token. Stan is heartbroken and so to cheer him up, the gang take him to a bar called Raisins (which is like Hooters except that the waitresses are beautiful girls aged about 10). This doesn't help Stan but Butters ends up falling in love with one of the waitresses. Stan finds himself hanging out with Goths who seem to show the same depressing and cynical view of life that he does.

This one isn't depressing but it does have a heartbreaking message on what it is like when you lose your first love (Stan with Wendy and Butters with the waitress, Lexus). Most of us have had a similar experience and we can relate to it (although I don't think many of us would be so young but hey you never know!).

Give this one a try and if you're sensitive, get the tissues out!

Blessed Be!

Helen xxxxx
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Excellent episode with a mix of comedy, drama and romance
gangstahippie28 September 2008
Raisins is one of my favorite episodes of South Park.It is also one of the sadder episodes.Wendy decides she wants to break up with Stan.Stan then becomes really depressed and tries to get Wendy back but he simply cannot.The boys then take him to raisins(a hooters like restaurant).Butters then falls in love with a girl there but she only wants him for his money(he gives her good tips).Stan still cannot get over Wendy and becomes an Emo.There are plenty of funny scenes in this episode but it also shows how you feel after a break up.The mix of comedy, drama and romance makes raisins one of my favorite episodes.

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Wow, this really brings me back!
speedolitec17 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
While this episode is funny, I also sympathize with Stan, since I still remember my first real heartbreak (I even listened to those songs!). I was a teenager when it happened and I've moved on by now, but I still remember feeling like he did. One of the funny things for me, was that my friends really did try to cheer me up by bringing me to Hooters (which is what "Raisins" is obviously based on)! I didn't fall for a waitress like Butters did, but after he got his heart broken, I couldn't help but feel bad for him. I think this is one of the more emotional episodes of the show, mostly because I think a majority of people can relate to that first big heartbreak and to that feeling of finding out that the person you really like, pretty much couldn't care less about you. But of course, like any South Park episode, the jokes are definitely there.
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"I'd rather be a crying little pussy than a faggy Goth kid"; This is a good show but probably the weakest of Season 7
RainDogJr19 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of the few South Park episodes that before I decided to watch it again I practically didn't remember much about it, certainly just today I saw Raisins for the second time and first since 2006 when I got the DVD set of Season 7 and saw the whole Season. Right now there are some other Season 7 episodes that I really need to re-watch since I don't remember much about them (I'm a Little Bit Country, Toilet Paper, Grey Dawn and Butt Out) but considering the other episodes I must say this one is my least favourite yet this is overall very funny with some things that I really loved.

Raisins (the penultimate episode of Season 7, it first aired on 10 December 2003) stands out since it marks the end of the relation of Stan and Wendy, the first time Butters falls in love with a girl (I think is the first one but I'm not a 100% sure) and the first appearance of the Goth kids. Butters simply steals the show, we have here both the totally naïve Butters (he falls in love with a girl from Raisins, the Hooters of South Park, you know he loves his "girlfriend" and she well if he is not in Raisins he doesn't exist for her! Poor Butters, yet again!) and the sort of mature Butters (when Butters suffers the same thing that Stan suffered at the very beginning of the episode he has a much more appropriate reaction than the one of Stan who ended hanging out with the Goth kids!).

Like I said, I just love some things of this episode like the "Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)" part, the "All Out Of Love" part and, especially, the "Shock the Monkey" part, the hilarious part with Jimmy not really helping Stan by calling not really intentionally but still calling Wendy a c*nt and well the whole stuff with Butters (oh and that part when Butters' mom realizes that Raisins is actually the perfect place for its young waitresses – "I could cure cancer? Oh my God, that would be so cool. I had a cancer sore on my lip once and it hurt so bad" "Never mind. I think Raisins might be the perfect place for you"). Good show!
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