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Wild episode!
gangstahippie20 October 2008
Rainforest, Schmainforest is the season 3 opener of South Park.Season 3 was overall a good season with great episodes such as the three "meteor shower episodes".Unlike the other seasons which are Rated 14A in Canada, this one is Rated 18A and I do not really know why.It could be because of the final episode but there have been worse episodes with a 14A rating.Anyway, this episode guest stars Jennifer Aniston as a save the rainforest choir group leader.During her class presentation, the boys make fun of the group except for Kenny who is stricken by one girl's beauty.The boys are then forced to join the choir.They travel to Costa Rica to visit the rainforest and find it's not all its cracked up to be! This episode has some really funny moments and is overall a good episode!
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Costa Rica
vojtechjirasek20 January 2018
One of the best episodes. Once I was watching this episode with my girlfriend from Costa Rica. She has never seen South park before. She was shocked and she was laughing so much especially at the natives and president saying "qué".
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