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Eric Cartman: Bad, bad monkey!

[Smacks monkey on the head]

Miss Stevens: Eric! What the hell are you doing?

Eric Cartman: I'm asserting myself, its tough love. Just like my Mr. Kitty. When he's bad I say 'That's a bad Mr. Kitty, and I smack him on the head'.

Tour Guide: And here is a three-toed sloth.

Eric Cartman: It's bad, that's a bad three-toed sloth.

[Smacks sloth on the head]

Miss Stevens: Eric! For God's sake knock it off!

Eric Cartman: Respect my authoritah!

[Throws stick at the sloth]

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[driving through San Jose, Costa Rica]

Eric Cartman: Oh my God, it smells like ass out here.

Miss Stevens: All right, that does it. Eric Cartman, you respect other cultures this instant.

Eric Cartman: I wasn't saying anything about their culture, I was just saying their city smells like ass.

Miss Stevens: You may think that making fun of third-world countries is funny but let me...

Eric Cartman: I don't think it's funny. This place is overcrowded, smelly and poor. That's not funny, that sucks.

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Eric Cartman: Let me try. Let me try. We are from America. America. We are lost and very hungry. Necesito burritos!

Stan Marsh: I don't want a burrito. I want a taco. Supreme.

Eric Cartman: Y taco.

Kyle Broflovski: I want two tostados and mild sauce.

Eric Cartman: Dos tostados y, y enchiritos!

Miss Stevens: Boys, please. Not every Spanish person eats tacos and burritos. That's a stereotype!

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Mr. Mackey: [Lecturing Craig in his office] I am tired of seeing you here in my office, young man. You get sent here every day, Craig.

Craig: I know.

Mr. Mackey: Why can't you behave?

Craig: I don't know.

Mr. Mackey: What do you have to say for yourself?

[Craig is silent]

Mr. Mackey: Well, I'll tell you what, young man. You're gonna be held back a grade if you can't...

[Craig gives Mr. Mackey the finger]

Mr. Mackey: Did you just flip me off?

Craig: No.

Mr. Mackey: Yes, you did! You just flipped me the bird! This is exactly what I'm talking about! If you don't shape up, m'kay, and get your head straight-

[Craig does it again]

Mr. Mackey: There! You just flipped me off again!

Craig: No, I didn't.

Mr. Mackey: Yes, you did! And until you stop flipping people off, you can just go back to the waiting room, m'kay? Next!

[Craig hops off the chair as the door opens. The boys enter]

Mr. Mackey: Well, well, well, if it isn't Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Eric.

Kyle Broflovski: Hi, Craig.

Eric Cartman: Hey, don't flip me off, you son of a bitch!

Mr. Mackey: Sit down, boys. Now, let's see. What did Mr. Garrison send you in here for?

[Reading the letter]

Mr. Mackey: "The boys were being rude while a choir teacher was giving some stupid presentation..."

Stan Marsh: It's just some dumb activist kids' choir thing.

Mr. Mackey: Uh, young man, Getting Gay With Kids is not dumb, m'kay?

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