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Perceptive social and political commentary
Ron in LA4 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
South Park does not get all the credit it deserves as our time's most perceptive and fearless source of social and political commentary. This 2003 episode is one of the best examples. The kids can serve as neutral observers to the angry confrontation between adults in the left-wing "war is not the answer" faction against the right-wing "support the troops" faction. The opposing camps have competing permits for the same space, so a direct acting out of American culture wars is coming.

It is hard to imagine a more complete and perceptive chronicling of the intense division that was part of the real world circa 2003 over the war in Iraq. It is interesting that this is an episode where they got Norman Lear as a collaborator and guest voice, as the usually right-leaning Parker and Stone manage a balanced and completely ingenious resolution of the culture-wars conflict, which manages to puncture the pretense on both sides.
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100th episode!
gangstahippie7 January 2009
Im a little bit country is the 100th episode of South Park.It's also a fairly good history lesson(however it's not entirely accurate).The episode involves the town being split up with people who think the founding fathers supported war and people who think the founding fathers did not support war.The boys pretend to be anti-war just to get out of school, but they say they don't know about the founding fathers on national TV, so Garrison makes the class do a report on them.Instead of studying, Cartman tries to have a "flashback" to the year 1776, he finally does so by electrocuting himself with a tivo machine taped with the history channel.He then sees the founding fathers original intentions with the declaration of independence.This is a good episode and also a good historical lesson!
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