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Episode 76 introduces Joe Mantegna as Juan One
kevin olzak13 May 2010
Episode 76 begins with Jessica convincing El and his three remaining guerrillas to continue their fight from her Connecticut home,starting their journey by rowboat(El:"El Puerco cannot die,El Puerco must live and fight so that others may die! I will get you to Connecticut America safe and sound or you will die trying!") Joe Mantegna(CRIMINAL MINDS)debuts as Juan One(the others are called Juan too,er,Juan Two and Juan Three),who refers to his boss as "Oh Great Pig!" Assistant D.A.Rawlins(David Knapp)takes Gwen's sworn deposition against her former boss,as the drooling stenographer(Danny Goldman)can't resist barking at the luscious hooker,with Danny promising to find her a place to live.The destitute Chester attempts a furniture sale,Eunice thinks that Annie talked him into doing it(Eunice:"you might have to get up off your duff and get a job!" Annie:"well that's funny coming from you Eunice,I mean,you haven't done anything steady in years,well not vertically anyway!"),while Dutch gets fired from his new job at a car wash(Dutch:"I didn't know what agua meant!") The busy Burt and tired Mary pick this particular evening to make love,even though she hasn't bathed(Burt:"I don't care,I like ya dirty!") Discussing the love lives of Carter and Reagan,Cathryn Damon has an unfortunate line:"I don't think Republicans do it!" Jodie and Maggie visit a Texas bar(not Gilley's)where the brawls are never ending,receiving a tip about Carol now being into circus clowns.
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