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Episode 11 features a guest appearance from Jerry Houser
kevin olzak19 April 2010
Burt and Mary plan an evening of lovemaking; she even decides to wear a new polyester robe with feathers,figuring that "plenty of people go to sleep like this...sure they do,in Vegas for a hundred dollars a night." They are interrupted by a Robber downstairs(Jerry Houser),then receive a call from the hospital,informing them about Jodie's suicide attempt.A jubilant Barney Gerber reassures them that Jodie is doing fine,meeting Chuck and Bob,the dummy and his doll,which makes Barney glad he's not made of wood.Jessica confronts Chester about his infidelities,confessing her own affair in the bargain,but her unrepentant husband is only amused by her unfaithfulness.Corinne continues to catch Peter with other women,and threatens to kill him if he lies to her again.
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