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A Nightmare on Kent Farm
Claudio Carvalho3 May 2006
Clark Kent has a nightmare with a girl called Sara Conroy (Katharina Isabelle) being chased by a weird creature called The Traveller (John De Santis) and sleeps for thirty-six consecutive hours. When he wakes up, he finds that Sara Conroy has just moved with her uncle and tutor Nicholas Conroy (Christopher Shyer) to the house on the next door that belonged to Lana Lang. Intrigued with the situation, he visits Sara with Lana Lang and see that the girl has been in coma for six years, increasing the mystery.

Blending reality with dream, like in "A Nightmare on Elm Street", and with the participation of Katharina Isabelle of "Ginger Snap" trilogy, "Slumber" is a great episode of "Smallville". The sexy beginning, with Lana Lang bathing naked in the lake, would suffice to make "Slumber" a worthy story. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "Adormecido" ("Asleep")
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Great episode with a sleepy feel.
andyego2 November 2011
I am still yet to find a bad episode of Smallville. I do not know how the writers manage to keep me utterly engrossed for the duration but with the quality of actors in the main roster as well as guest appearances it must sure help the situation.

Katherine Isabelle was outstanding as sleeping girl Sara. She looked so believable with a real unique beauty displayed in her innocence. I will certainly be checking out her back catalogue of roles. Christopher Shyer who plays Sara's uncle also puts in a fantastic yet creepy performance.

As with every episode I felt closer to the characters and the storyline just oozed with good feeling. The sleepy feel of the episode (sort of plodding on rather than moving superhero speed) made for a nice change and got the best out of the actors in difficult roles.
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A Slower Episode
Rcwilkinson12313 November 2007
'Slumber' is an accurate description of this episode, besides just describing the storyline. This episode kind of sleeps its way through from beginning to end, with nothing incredibly compelling about it.

Somebody has bought the Lana house. It is a girl named Sarah and her 'watchdog' uncle. Lana and Clark visit the house one day, and realize that Sarah's uncle is drugging her to remain asleep. However, due to Sarah's unique meteor-infected powers, Sarah reaches out to Clark in her dreams for help in overcoming the "Traveler."

This episode is solid, but not memorable at all. Perhaps there is one rather exciting special effects-related scene near the end of the episode.
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