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Seth is 'Shocking' to Lana
Rcwilkinson12314 November 2007
A bit of a filler episode hits the Season 3 landscape with the seventh episode, "Magnetic."

Seth Nelson, like many boys, is crazy over beautiful Lana. He has been since elementary school. However, with a new, "shocking" power that allows him to cause Lana to fall for him, he finally decides to do something about it. Seth marks the first boy that Lana has dated since Clark, which makes Clark extremely jealous. The longer Seth is with Lana, touching her, the more dangerous the two become.

One problem with this episode is that it makes Clark look like a stalker. However, by the end of the episode, he accepts the fact that Lana can date other boys.
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Magnetic Love
Claudio Carvalho7 May 2006
After being hit in the forehead by a snow ball containing flakes of meteor in a struggle, the teenager Seth Nelson (Kevin Zegers) is submitted to a magnetic resonance inspection, achieving magnetic abilities. He uses his powers to date and manipulate Lana Lang. Meanwhile, a snoopy investigator hired by Lex Luthor intrusively breaks in The Torch and finds that Chloe Sullivan is examining deeply the life of Lionel Luthor. Lex offers his protection to Chloe.

In this episode, again Clark Kent does not date Lana Lang, although they have a crush on each other. This ridiculous relationship is spoiling the episodes of the Third Season. The main story with Seth is good, and the involvement of Chloe with the Luthors is becoming tougher. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Magnetismo" ("Magnetism")
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Shocking to a different level
PUstrontium1 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Kevin Zegers plays a new "meteor freak" who develops control over metal objects. He can also use his magnetism to alter the brain, and make people do what he wants. With this, he uses Lana Lang as a love toy. Finally, the tables are turned, and Lana is the one doing the out of control things, instead of Clark. Zegers enters a "true" relationship with Lana, and she turns against Clark because Clark warns her that Zegers isn't a guy she should be around. Lana turns this around as Clark's jealousy, which of course is part of the problem, but not too applicable, and she shuns Clark away. Eventually, Lana is convinced to leave town, after some "shocking" by Zegers' character. On an attempt, Clark smolders the road so they get stuck, and are sent to jail. Eventually, they escape, and Lana lies to Clark, so that she can be with Zegers' character. In the end, it comes to her choosing her man, and she even goes as far as pointing a gun at Clark, taking their relationship back a few steps due to her attitude this time. Of course, everything returns back to "normal" once Zegers is shocked into a coma, with no promise of return.

It was quite a disappointment to me to see that they were taking another step back from the Clark and Lana relationship. I mean, really, it's the third season, and with a show like this, you never know how much time you'll have left to cover these grounds. It's a fact in the comics that he once dated a Lana Lang, so they need to get to it. A little more relationship drama is usually welcomed in a TV series.
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3x07 - Rewatch (Clark & Lana-centric)
DCSassyQueen16 July 2016
A guy that has always had a crush on Lana becomes infected with the meteor rocks in a snow globe. He gains the power of magnetism & he starts influencing Lana's weak mind with just a touch.

Reaction: You know what, everyone was irritating in this episode except Lex. Michael as Lex is just brilliant & this time around I forget I have to hate him. Lex's story-line with Chloe was the most interesting thing about this episode.

Clark's & Lana's will they or won't they has reached a peak for me now. I am a bit tired of it because they keep having the same argument & now it is just beating a dead horse. In the past, I know I always hated them as a couple because he belongs to Lois. At this point, they need to resolve this by just getting together & stop this nonsense. I believe Lana's mind was so weak because she is desperately waiting for someone to love her. Smh. Also, Clark needs to stop playing with that girl's feelings because even I am beginning to feel sorry for her whereas in the past I was just along for the ride.

I hope the next episode is not centered around Clark & Lana because I think my hate for Lana might resurface.
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