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  • Farik and Ilija receive a deadly biological anthrax shipment and prepare for an attack inside a Los Angeles shopping mall.


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  • Farik recruits another Cell member, bio-chemical student Eddy Pangetsu, to test the anthrax that he and Ilija have received (to replace what was captured at the border by agents, unbeknownst to Farik). Darwyn learns that the Cell is planning an anthrax attack inside a mall and tries to inform the FBI of where and when. Next thing Darwyn knows, they're on the roof of the mall, using some of the anthrax but it turns out the anthrax was fake, a biological tracer to check the delivery system for maximum casualties...just a rehearsal. Darwyn manages to get to his phone to warn the FBI that it's a rehearsal and the FBI pulls back just before they blow Darwyns cover. Farik then has the Cell wander thru the mall, with large drink cups with some liquid that will "catch" the bio-tracer to test its disperal.

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