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Too bland
stones7813 September 2013
When I read that this segment was about dealing with a witch, or witches, my interest was piqued, as the preview was also spooky and seemed interesting. There is a decent cast assembled including Cloris Leachman, Mike Farrell, and Dana Elcar, and while it certainly helped, but overall, nothing too memorable happened for this reviewer. The young "supposed" witch named Damaris was played by Tiffany Bolling, and she thinks she was responsible for her uncle's death after a fall, and is therefore sent to trial. The uncle begged Dr. Rhodes to come see him because he is having visions of a flying witch with a knife, and while it was a corny effect, I still thought it was creepy in a 70's sort of way; the same vision causes Dr. Rhodes to crash his car a few scenes later. Now bear in mind, most of these episodes were probably severely edited, and that can lessen the overall quality, but it is what it is, and I'll praise and criticize the best I can. Back to the visions, there is an effective one which has an accused witch being burned at the stake that both Damaris and Dr. Rhodes can see, and he's able to hypnotize Damaris, while in court mind you, and he eventually convinces her that she is not the killer, and this is good enough for the judge to dismiss the case against her. I don't remember exactly why the flying witch, which is clearly Damaris, even though it ends up not being her(confusing), torments this family, but it probably had something to do with an ancestor. To wrap this up, I couldn't totally fathom how Damaris could be a witch in a vision and be the reason her uncle died, but then have it not be her to keep her out of prison. Other than few decent visions of the witch, I was fairly bored with this episode, which would make 2 episodes in a row that were mediocre at best.
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