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A poor end to the series
markymark7012 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The return of an old Nemesis - Doctor Dolenz - from episode "Day of the Robot" is the main storyline here for the final episode of series one of the Six Million Dollar Man.

Not much sense in this one to be honest - it seems it was a way of working in a bit of horse riding for Lee Majors (a kickback to his time in the The Big Valley). Doctor Dolenz and his backer - Mr. Rossi - "observe" Steve over the course of a few weeks before trying to capture him, examine him and use him as a blueprint for an army of bionic robots that they plan to build. You just gotta love these plots? Steve goes to an old friend's ranch for some much needed R&R and whilst there befriends a pretty ranch girl. It is not too much of a stretch to see that the actress never made it very far in TV or cinema - she is no Streep that's for sure. Anyway, a few scrapes and an escape later, Steve finishes the season walking side by side his old buddy Oscar.

A poor end to an up and down season to be honest. Some good episodes and some poor ones mixed in. With Steve's bionics and super-agent-like job, the possibilities are endless for what he could get up to in his adventures. There is no stopping this guy and he has literally been all over the world - and space for that matter.

Series 1 was enjoyable fare and just about did enough for me to purchase a series 2 boxset - but only if it is at a knockdown price.
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AaronCapenBanner21 May 2015
Steve Austin(Lee Majors) is the target of research and retribution by the return of robot(android!) maker Dr. Chester Dolenz(Henry Jones again, from 'Day Of The Robot') who has a new criminal backer(played by George Murdoch) who wants Dolenz to build him bionic robots so that he can rob Fort Knox, but they can do nothing but watch Steve vacation at a ranch in Utah with an old friend(played by Noah Beery) until skeptical Oscar Goldman(Richard Anderson) starts to believe the threat is real. Poor episode is a real waste of time, both mundane and repetitive, containing three different scenes of flashback footage involving previous foes!
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