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Season 6: Solid plots and consistent laughs
bob the moo21 October 2013
Where the fifth season had quite a few exaggerated plots, this sixth season mostly stays close to home with the episodes and generally focuses on the characters rather than extreme adventures. This is not to say that the plots still aren't imaginative and large, just that they mostly stay within the town and family, rather than, for example, blasting characters into space. This is just an observation though because really I don't mind as long as it works, and in this season it all works really well. The season doesn't quite have the "stacked classics" feel that season 4 did (for example) but generally the quality is high here.

The family are the driving force but the supporting cast make each episode stronger and this season continues to get the most out of them. The content of the show remains wonderfully subversive and directed towards adults – and not in a sly way, but in a very direct with. Whether it is some of the softer swear words or the sexual imagery, it clearly isn't really for children, but it is still cleverly done – not just crude for the sake of it but uses that tone in a positive way that fits. The animation is great with a lot of polish and lots of jokes in the detail of scenes as well as in the foreground. The voice work continues to be good but it is the writing that gives them such great dialogue to deliver.

Another very strong season of The Simpsons with consistently good episodes that are clever and funny.
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Only 8/10, here's why.
Warning: Spoilers
I thought this was a great episode. It is rare that a Simpsons episode is wonderfully executed with a great atmosphere and the scenes were well done.

Although I loved this episode and its one of the greatest Simpsons episodes of all time, I was disappointed by the ending.

SPOILERS AHEAD! I thought it was about time everyone finally stood up against Mr Burns (although they could have years ago) but it didn't make sense to me why they decide to not kill him and why they're not happy that he's shot and might be dead. There were a few missed opportunities with that ending (like someone could have went SURPRISE! and shot him) and I thought Mr Burns should have got killed. SPOILER OVER!

Anyway, I thought it was a great episode.
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I cant possibly solve this mystery ,can you?
scotsmurphy24 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Who shot Mr Burns ? Who shot Mr Burns is the Simpson's team at their brilliant and dynamic best ,it opens on a lovely summer morn with Principal Skinner walking into the school only to find 'superdude' dead, the schools pet hamster,on handing it to Grounds keeper Willie to have him buried he stumbles onto an Oil well making the school the richest custodian in all of Springfield. But the excellently evil Mr Burns, who steals the show, wont have any of it he taps the well and steals the Schools oil.

As the episode moves along more and more Springfield citizens gain a motive to kill Mr Burns with each of them losing something due to Mr Burns tapping the Oil well, or in Homers case Mr Burns can never remember his name. Or with Bart his best friend Santa's little helper has his legs broken inadvertently by Burns .

It all comes to a crescendo at the town meeting, which Burns crashes and reveals his fiendish plan ,to block out the sun and have Springfield glowing in 'Burns brand electricity all day long' .The Springfield citizens are horrified, but Mr Burns armed with a gun walks off and that is where the mystery takes hold we find Mr Burns shot laying over the town clock dial, with seemingly everyone present and everyone a suspect, we hear the memorable line from Dr Hibert 'i cant possibly solve this mystery, can you' ?
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Part one
FilmBuff19942 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Who shot Mr Burns part one is a very good Simpsons episode it starts off with the school hamster dieing and Principal Skinner telling Groundskeeper Willie to bury it,but while digging the whole Groundskeeper Willie discovers something and the school explodes,meanwhile Homer gets mad that Mr Burns cant seem to remember his name,later on Principal Skinner discovers that Groundskeeper Willie struck oil and they become the richest school in Springfield and Mr Burns grows jealous and tries to find oil in the Nuclear Power Plant and while trying to find it it blows up Barts tree house and puts Santas Little Helper in a cast and it also blows up the Springfield retierment home and Grampa has to move in with the rest of The Simpsons and then Mr Burns decides to block out his arch enemy the sun.
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Springfield does event television
Mr-Fusion14 August 2017
Between siphoning off the oil beneath Springfield Elementary and threatening to blot out the sun, Monty Burns has cheesed off the entire town. So that big question mark that comes at episode's end, well that could be anyone. That does of unpredictability is exactly what makes this work.

I'd had the surprise spoiled for me a good 20 years ago, but I can tell you what kind of impact this had. I wasn't even watching the show in '95 and even I was aware of the cliffhanger. Everyone was talking about this; it was landmark TV.

Despite the ruined surprise, this still holds up beautifully because it's a well-crafted episode. Burns going supervillain feels appropriate; that, and the town in a lather brings everything to a fever pitch. It's funny, dramatic, and even after 20-odd years, it's a keeper.

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Great classic first of famous two parter
richspenc4 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of the all time best episodes from the great Simpsons seasons 2 - 7. This episode doesn't just have the typical great Simpsons humor and wit, but also a great mystery.

Starting with Skinner finding deceased gerbil "Superdude", Willie buries it groaning "ye looky ye gitten a decent berial, me own fatha was throon oot of the boot (boat)". Just then, Willie creates a sudden geyser of oil.

Many funny moments from then onwards: Superintendent Chalmers' "school, explosion, SKINNER!" rant. To Chalmers, it's always Skinner's fault if there's any kind of problem happening on the school grounds whether it was ever in Skinner's control or not. All of the different requests from the school about spending the oil money were amusing including Otto's double guitars, Ralph's chocolate microscopes, Willie's crystal mop bucket, Skinner's more rubber stamps, and funniest Lunch lady Doris' "kitchen staff complaining of mice in the kitchen, I want to hire a new staff", well it was the funniest until Smithers and Mr. Burns enters (disguised as Jimbo Jones) requesting to put the oil money towards the nuclear power plant, Skinner saying no, than Burns giving Skinner a thrashing Burns style (Burns' hitting somebody's equal to someone else lightly brushing somebody), which is a funny joke that's been used a number of times on the Simpsons. Then is Burns' progression of taking control of the oil and of Springfield in general until his diabolical scheme of blocking out the sun.

I like all the reasons the different Springfieldians have it in for Burns, especially of course Homer's reaction to Burns never remembering his name, first in the elevator in spite of Homer's name clearly printed on his name tag and hat. Second in Burns' office, and then when Homer sends Burns a box of chocolates (right after Burns tells Smithers how robbing oil from the school will be like taking candy from a baby). Then as Burns and Smithers eat the chocolates as each Simpson member of the photograph the chocolates were laying on top of were being revealed, Burns mentions a previous incident with each family member with each member's mentioned incident being from a previous Simpson episode (such as Bart being Burns' heir in "Burns' heir" or Maggie giving Burns his teddybear Bobo from "Rosebud"). Then when the only piece of chocolate uneaten was covering Homer's face on the photo, and Burns sends a thank-you card saying it's to every Simpson member except Homer. When Homer sees the card, we then get the one implication in the series of the f word being yelled by Homer (only the f sound being heard, the church organ sound, and the birds flying away was a good touch) and everyone outside the Simpson house standing and staring at it with Flanders saying " dear Lord, that was the loudest profanity I ever heard".

As the episode progresses, Skinner's forced to deny many people's oil money requests, and people's anger starts flying. Willie rips his shirt yelling he'll kill Burns and wound Smithers, Lisa's idol Tito Puente punches a hole in his drum, and Homer breaks into Burns' office spray painting his name on his office walls, only for Burns to have his goons carry him away and Burns still not knowing Homer's name (Homer:" oh you're dead Burns!!! ").
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Crossing the Line
hellraiser723 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Warning do not read unless seen episode.

I remember as a kid this cliffhanger was an event; it's true that this episode doesn't have the same impact anymore it's sort of one of those things where you had to of been there when it happened. But still at the time this was a big deal way before it was common place in shows like "Lost", "Once Upon and Time", etc. as it was one of the first season finales that left a big question mark. I remember I and my friends debated throughout the summer time, and there was literally a betting pole in Vegas as to who dunnit, that's how big the event was.

I've always known one day no good would come to Mr. Burns and it looks like that day has finally arrived. Mr. Burns is just at his absolute worst where he is just a complete selfish blowhole from beginning to end.

From stealing the oil from the school just to get money he doesn't even need. Which of course in turn is causing ecological problems to the town. From destroying the Rest Home down to rendering Moe's bar unsafe. It was just dryily funny when we see despite the deadly oil fumes of the bar, Moe, Barney and the rest of the drinkers they are still alive. Probably due to how polluted their bodies are a little more makes little difference.

And of course there is the notion of Mr. Burns not remembering Homer's name, which is strange despite how many years Homer worked there. Personally I think it's a more psychological reason, Mr. Burns hates Homer to the very core of his being that he mentally blocks him out sort of a self induced amnesia; as a way to render Homer non existent. This of course pushes Homer to the edge as he is trying in vain to make Burns remember, Burns will wish he did.

It was really blackly funny in the city hall meeting scene as everyone is armed, mad as hell, ready to kill; I don't blame them after most of what Mr. Burns did that would push anyone over the edge. But of course Mr. Burns finally goes off that edge as he finally steal mankind's most priceless treasure the Sun. Once Burns blocked that sun out, I knew that was the straw that finally broke the camel's back, Mr. Burns was doomed.

As, an old saying goes what goes around comes around.

Rating: 4 stars
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