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My Favourite Episode,
lesleyharris3010 June 2010
The Springfield Files is an outstanding Simpsons episode that is packed with one laugh after another from start to finish.It is without a doubt my favourite episode of the entire series,I love the storyline,the funny parts in literally every scene and the X Files Parody.I've seen this episode so many times and I still laugh at the exact same parts each time.Rhe Springfield Files is a really great Simpsons episode.

Homer decides to try a different drink on a Friday night,but after getting too drunk he is forced to walk home.He gets lost in a forrest and is convinced he saw an alien.He gets the FBI to help investigate what he saw.However,no one in Springfield believes him.
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The X-Files come to Springfield
hellraiser724 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Warning do not read unless you've seen episode.

This is my favorite episode in the entire show as well as one of the best crossover episodes in my book. It was practically a dream come true for me almost like the episode was made for me. I honestly never thought it would happen but it did someone had the guts to crossover the shows "The X-Files" and "The Simpsons", you wouldn't think this would work but surprisingly it did like any well blended smooth it was a tasty combo.

Though also it was kinda a crossover of three shows as you had a bit of the "In Search of" TV show where Lenard Nemoy once again guest starred on "The Simpsons". It was just dryily hilarious seeing him act contrary to himself and I really like how he wanted to slack off from his own TV show. You can tell he has that looks like someone that didn't believe in what he was doing and would rather be somewhere else.

This episode is just a fest of hilarity from beginning to end, there is not one dull moment. From some of the beginning seeing Homer drink Red Tick Beer and then finding out the secret about it. However my favorite moment was seeing him take a Breathalizer test and just seeing where Homer ranked cracked me up. We of course see the alien which doesn't disappoint, I like the design of it which was obviously inspired by "The Scream" painting.

Though for me the best part were when Mulder and Skully came in. Both were just dryly hilarious, as they are both playing it straight but at the same time a bit contrary to their characters at the same time; both just have some of the best dialog. My favorite visual joke was seeing the Alien line up which cracked me up as we see Kang, Alf, Gort, Chewbacca, and Marvin the Marshan. The only disappoint was that it didn't include The Zenomorph and The Predator which would of been awesome and made the joke even funnier.

But my favorite moments with Mulder and Skully were what they said and how they said it about Homer jiggling fat. And of course that final little speech that Mulder gives, one of the things he says is "The Unsolved Mysteries of Unsolved Mysteries" that just made me bust a gut.

The Truth has came for The Simpsons.

Rating: 4 stars
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Another top 10 Simpsons episode.
GayBoi19 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Leonard Nimoy of Star Trek fame narrates and makes a guest voice as himself in this episode in which we find Homer teaming up with Agents Mulder and Scully from the X-files(also voiced by the real life Mulder and Scully actors David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson)to try to solve a supposed alien encounter of Homer's.

After a night of drinking at Moe's, Homer decides to walk home instead of drive. While walking around in a drunken stupor, Homer encounters what looks like an alien with a green glow. No one in his family believes him at first thinking he was just drunk. After Homer teams up with Mulder and Scully to try to solve the case, they too start thinking Homer is out of his mind. After Homer finally gets the alien on videotape during the second encounter, the whole town comes to the woods one night hoping to meet the alien. The alien does show...but it turns out to only be Mr. Burns. We find out that Mr. Burns goes under a series of medical procedures every week to keep him alive, which leaves him confused and disorientated afterwards. The green glow comes from Mr. Burns many years of working at the nuclear plant.

Very funny episode and one of the best from the Simpsons golden age.
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