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  • Special Agents Mulder and Scully arrive in Springfield after Homer claims to have seen an alien.

  • In yet another crazed crossover, Leonard Nimoy narrates another tale of the supernatural, reminiscent of his days with "In Search Of." Realizing that even he's too drunk to drive after a night at Moe's Tavern, Homer stumbles through the woods and encounters a green glowing alien. Needless to say, nobody takes him seriously, except for "X-Files" FBI Agent Fox Mulder, who once again drags along his partner Dana Scully on another quest to prove the government is hiding the presence of UFO's from the public. However, even this mission may make a skeptic out of Mulder.

  • One eerie Friday night, while walking home from Moe's through the woods, Homer sees an alien who claims to bring love. Homer panics and runs home. The next day at breakfast, no-one in the family believes him. As a matter of fact, no-one else in Springfield does, either, not even Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, until Homer and Bart manage to capture it on camera the next Friday night. They send it to to Channel 6 news, and it becomes an immediate sensation. Another week later, the entire town turns out to try to see the alien (although some people are there just to prove Homer wrong, judging by how much faster the "Homer is a Dope" t-shirts sold out than the "Homer was Right" t-shirts). Finally, the alien appears, but is it what it seems?

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  • To get out of work early, Homer uses a video loop to fool Mr Burns into thinking he's working. Homer then goes to Moe's tavern, where he ends up getting drunk. On his way home, Homer stumbles through a nearby wooded area, where he encounters a glowing green creature with big eyes. When the creature says to not be afraid, Homer runs for his life.

    The next day, Homer tries to convince his family what he saw, but noone believes him. Homer even takes his story to the newspaper and the Police, but is also disbelieved here as well. However, the two people that due believe him are FBI Agents Fox Mulder, and Dana Scully. They attempt to investigate Homer's claim, but find nothing.

    Homer is still determined to get proof. Taking Ned Flander's camcorder and going out to the woods with Bart, they soon come across the same glowing creature, with Bart taking video of it saying, 'I bring you peace.'

    The footage is broadcast on the news, and the townspeople appear the next day at the same location, where the creature appears again. After it claims that it 'brings love,' several people attempt to destroy it. However, Lisa exposes the creature for what it really is: a disoriented Mr Burns.

    Smithers soon comes forward and explains that Mr Burns' appearance is the result of a process he goes through every week to 'cheat death.' The green glow is a side-effect from working at the nuclear plant.

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