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Homer in school and Bart and Lisa writing Itchy and Scratchy? Yes!
athomed8 January 2012
In this episode we learn that Homer never completed high school. He has one more course left to take. Meanwhile, Bart and Lisa, discouraged by bad episodes of Itchy and Scratchy, begin writing the episodes themselves under Grandpa Simpson's name.

A good deal of the show's writer were Harvard graduates. There are multiple Harvard jokes in this episode. You can just imagine how these writers were jabbing themselves back and forth while writing this episode.

Grandpa Simpson and Krusty are great in this episode, while Homer's plunger may top them all. Then there's the fact that this is a nice Bart and Lisa adventure story.
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Abraham Simpson: The Award Winner!
g-bodyl9 January 2015
This is the nineteenth episode of the fourth season of the Simpsons. I thought it was a pretty clever episode as well as humorous. I really loved Grampa's take on cartoon violence. I loved the inside jokes about the award shows, even though I find them fun to watch. An excellent episode mainly due to the fact this has Bart and Lisa working together.

In this episode, "The Front," after a lackluster Itchy and Scratchy show, Bart and Lisa decide to send in a script. After being tossed away, they get Grampa to send in a script to excellent results, thus getting Grampa a nomination. Meanwhile, Homer and Marge attend their high school reunion where it's been found out that Homer did not graduate because he failed remedial science.

Overall, this is a solid episode that features many good moments. Homer failing science is actually something that I can relate with. A good show with good jokes and good morals. And finally, I loved that ending clip with Ned Flanders. I rate this episode 9/10.
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"I do eggy"
Gerardrobertson6126 February 2018
One of my favourite episodes of the 4th season, (and they are a few), I love every scene with Abe, Bart and Lisa. Love how Abe removed his under pants with taking off his trousers, his comment, "I did eggy" once he heard of the cheque and just as though it could not get funnier, Homer has the running gag with the plunger. As I continue to re-watch Season 4, I realize that it is my favorite season.
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The Front
GayBoi120 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The Itchy and Scratchy cartoon has become dull and boring because it is no longer featuring the cartoon violence that had made the show so popular with kids. This prompts Bart and Lisa to come up with a new script idea for the show and send it in to the show's writers. They come up with a really funny episode idea called "Barbershop of Horrors," where Itchy(as a barber)pours flesh-eating ants on Scratchy's head instead of cutting his hair The head of the studios where Itchy and Scratchy is made, receives Bart and Lisa's script, but throws it out when he sees that it was written by children.

After receiving a rejection letter from the Itchy and Scratchy studios, Bart and Lisa decide to put an adult's name on the script and send it back in. They decide to put Grandpa's name on the script thinking the producers of the show might take the script more seriously if they think it was written by an adult. This ends up working for them and the studio head decides to use the script for the next Itchy and Scratchy cartoon.

Bart and Lisa's script helps revive the the show's popularity and the studio asks for more scripts. As it was Grandpa's name used on the script, the studio tracks Grandpa down at the retirement home and offers him a large cash reward and a job as the head writer on the show. Soon, Grandpa ends up getting nominated for an Emmy award for Lisa and Bart's work, which Grandpa ends up winning, but Grandpa rejects the reward and gets booed off the stage.

Meanwhile, Homer and Marge go to their high school reunion where Homer becomes the laughing stock of the class when it is revealed that he never completed high school. Embarrassed, Homer decides to enroll in night school and get his diploma. That of course doesn't go too well for the goof ball Homer.
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