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Evil spirits in a video game
unbrokenmetal11 April 2014
A shaman hypnotizes a few villagers to attack Kali. He basically wants her job, because he thinks he is better at it. Yet he was sent away many years ago for good reasons – he used drugs and evil spirits. Sheena, however, has her own special powers. The shaman uses the eyes of an eagle to spy on Sheena's secrets. What he discovers, surprises him...

The best scene of the episode is when the tourist group Mendelsohn is driving across the jungle thinks a dangerous attack by a couple of warriors on them actually is just an entertaining, staged event. While Mendelsohn fights for life and death, they think it's funny. A real disappointment, however, is the ridiculous 'duel' of the spirits sequence. The special effects look like a 1985 video game, makes the old 'Tron' look like a masterpiece.
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