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Interesting Episode
xavierPoulain11 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The premise is pretty good and while the story is pulled from The Island of Dr. Moreau, we do learn more about Sheena's past and how it affects her present.

Cutter is caught up in this journey to Sheena's past seeing how his client was the same man who tried kidnapping her, killed her childhood lion, and kidnapped a friend. This suspicion meets up with Dr. Miller, who is obsessed with replicated the secret of the Kaya tribe, to figure out how to morph people into animals. When Dr. Miller discovers Sheena is a Kaya, he wants to test her while sending Cutter to his death with the hybrids he already has.

There is an excellent fight sequence, and one of the only times we see John Allen Nelson's Baywatch bod in action as he is rendered shirtless fighting off Dr. Miller's hybrids. One would think this would lead to future shirtless fight scenes, but after this episode, not really.
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The Experiments of Dr Miller
unbrokenmetal23 March 2014
Sheena discovers a certain Mr Armstrong who has abducted friends of her 10 years ago. She dresses in a civilized manner again to join him on a voyage into the jungle and use the time they spend on a boat together to find out more about him. This leads her to the house of Dr. Miller (Leland Crooke, scary eyes, good choice of casting) who runs secret experiments on human beings. The mad scientist of course is excited to find out about Sheena's ability to transform into animals. But would you believe he could keep her in a cage for his experiments? No way! Obviously inspired by the H G Wells classic 'Island of Dr Moreau', this is a dark and rather violent story compared to other episodes. Instead of 'Children of the LaMistas', the episode was retitled 'The Experiments of Dr Miller' for German TV, a better choice in my view.
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