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Linda was not on it
zelig-255 August 2006
Hi! This comment is not about the series nor this episode, I'm just writing because I expected to see Linda Evangelista playing the saleswoman. I waited till the end of the episode just to see that, in fact, the actress who plays that role is not Linda. Sure, she is a model (I've seen her on some magazines) and actually she really looks like Linda, but there are plenty of models who look like Linda just because she was one of the best models of the 90's. If you read the end credits you'll see her name is Greta Cavazzoni. I wonder why the guys at IMDb had mistaken this, and what Linda or Greta would be thinking about this if they knew... funny, isn't it?
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Carrie's Shoes
Desertman847 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Carrie's shoes are stolen at a party; the hostess not only refuses to apologize, but shames her for her extravagant footwear — and lifestyle choices. Miranda gets chicken pox, and she flirts with the handsome black doctor who just moved into her building. Charlotte must adjust to living with Harry in her pristine apartment. Samantha is annoyed by children misbehaving in nice restaurants.

This episode is all about Carrie's shoes.Her Manolos.And nothing more.Also,nothing much happens with the three other women.Miranda gets sick and flirts with someone.Samantha gets annoyed.And Charlotte adjust to her second marriage.This is definitely the worst episode of the season after having previous great episodes.
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